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Almost Daily.....Daily Dose (11/17/14)

Latest:Almost Daily.....Daily Dose (11/17/14)

Following the Mediterranean diet? Add our fish stew, with just a bit of a kick, to your repertoire. It’s table-ready in about 30 minutes!

If you’re following a Mediterranean-style diet, good for you! If you haven’t changed your eating habits yet, consider it. Eating fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, lentils and 100 percent whole grains reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, helps you maintain a healthy weight and can even make you look younger! Our savory Seafood Stew offers yet another way to prepare fish that’s different from typical baking or grilling. It also happens to feature enough vegetables — leeks, celery and tomatoes — to make it a one-pot meal. The fennel and crushed red pepper flakes give it a little delightful bite too. The best part for busy cooks: From cutting board to soup bowls — it takes only about 30 minutes. - Cleveland Clinic

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