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Almost Daily.....Daily Dose 5/20/14

Latest:Almost Daily.....Daily Dose 5/20/14

The guidelines for stretching before exercise have changed over the years, but staying limber is still important.

Improving flexibility prevents injury, improves performance, and helps ward off pain caused by tight muscles. But when it comes to how you improve your flexibility, the approach has changed a bit. The new thinking has to do with static stretching, or just warming up by doing a “light” version of the exercise you are about to do. Years ago, people held stretches for a long time, to the point of muscle fatigue, but it was found that this could cause injury and actually impair athletic performance. Now stretching is recommended after a light warm-up, or the warm-up itself can serve as a stretch for that set of muscles and tissues. Stretches should be held for just 15 to 30 seconds. A thorough stretching routine should cover all muscle groups and joints you are about to move, on both sides of your body.

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