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Almost Daily.....Daily Dose (8/26/14)

Latest:Almost Daily.....Daily Dose (8/26/14)

When faced with an illness, call your doctor’s office instead of seeking a diagnosis or treatment on Wikipedia.

The first thing many of us do when ill is to search Google for information about our symptoms. One of the first results to pop up for almost any Internet search? Wikipedia, of course. But according to a new study, up to 90 percent of the information about common medical conditions described on Wikipedia contains errors. Wikipedia contains information about 20,000 health-related topics, including conditions like lung cancer and back pain. Many of the entries and much of the medical advice on Wikipedia comes from people who have no medical training. Any time you’re concerned about a symptom, your best bet is to make an appointment to see your primary care provider. Wikipedia can lead you to reliable information about plenty of topics — baseball statistics, political leaders and even art history — but health isn’t one of them. You’ll be better served by turning to a professional for that information.

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