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Shannon's World - Vintage Racer X'ers

by Shannon Coombs


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When I came into the motocross industry I had no idea what it was about. Besides going to the Blackwater 100 when I was teenager and being smacked in the face with a few fresh cow patties while riding quads with my best friend Jodie growing up, I didn’t have much more of an industry resume.

The sign reads "The Racer X Crew Drank themselves into Oblivion. 5-28-04" Not the first or last time this will happened at Marios Fishbowl.

This past weekend was the 35th Annual High Point in Mt. Morris, PA, and my 16th one to attend. The Racer X Crew all adjourned at Mario’s Fishbowl Thursday night for an old school frosty mug meeting to kick off the weekend. Once we were all there I couldn’t help but sit there and assess how our once young and virginal staff was all grown up. I felt a bit vintage, but in a good way.

And my how we’ve changed! There’s little Julie Kramer, all grown up. She’s been supporting Racer X since it was first born and has been one dedicated soldier. I never thought I would see her stop smoking cigarettes or even get married, but she did both, and even just ran her first marathon in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. She’s been an inspiration and has shown over and over how dedication pays off.

Dave Brozik has been long for the cause too. He now resides in Florida (and I sure as hell don’t blame him) part of the year. He’s still just as even-keeled as always but still occasionally belts out some karaoke for the team—he just happens to be really good at that.

Dave Langran. Oh where do I start? Davey and I met him on an MX Des Nations trip in 1996 in Jerez, Spain. At the time he was on crutches and earned the moniker “Dave on Crutches,” which stuck with him for years. Little did we know that night of sharing multiple cervazas would result in him moving to the states a few years later to become a staple in the magazine production as Racer X’s Art Director. He moved to So Cal a few years ago, and I have to say I really miss him. When he showed up at the Fishbowl he was sporting a beard and a striped tee with skinny jeans—he so resembled a longshoreman, a look only he could pull off.

Bryan Stealey, our President. I don’t know how the mag would function without him (or my husband Davey). Bryan impresses me every time I talk to him. He has believed in RX since the day he started in the shipping room boxing up newspapers, the lowest rung job there was. And look at him now, he was climbed every rung with his vision, hard work and heart and soul…. Pretty darn impressive for someone coming on board with no background in motocross or magazine publishing.

Then there’s Kocan. Jeff Kocan. Our copy chief. Say what? No he isn’t! Yes, he is. He is getting married this July in Brooklyn. Langers and Brozik, you better get on because you two are the only vintage ones left that are single. (Just kidding—we need your minds just the way they are—free from any relationship issues that may clog your design process, LOL.)

And Kelly Kirby splits time between Racer X and MX Sports, doing all she can, and keeping the same big smile on her face, and helping out everyone in the world.

Scott Wallenberg wasn’t there, but if he was, we’d have enjoyed looking at all of the photos of his guitars and kids (in that order). Again.

In case you were wondering what a Fishbowl is.

Last but not least my main man and hubby, Davey. He’s got it together better than he ever has. I can attest his body looks better than ever and he is more organized, well, wait on that, maybe not organized but he just gets shit done more now than ever. He even makes our bed every single day to make up for not making it the last fifteen years—impressive—and he has been an inspiration to me always, but even more so recently.

If I’ve ever heard one true statement it’s this: If you can believe, you can conceive. And with this killer team of vintage believers they just keep on conceiving. I love our Racer X family—the longtime members and the relative newcomers, like “Bad” Billy Ursic, Andrew Fredrickson, Chase Stallo, Pete Martini and more —who are all very unique in our own way and look forward to another reunion soon.

P.S. Simon Cudby, I haven’t forgotten about you. But like Matt Ware, you haven’t been on the contributing list long enough to be “vintage”… And I personally don’t think you look just like Phil Collins, but the voice is right there.

About the Author: Shannon is the better half of Davey Coombs, the founder of Racer X Illustrated. She lives in Morgantown, WV and is the owner of a clothing boutique (Vance's Blues), helps run the family restaurant (Madeleine's), travels the World promoting health and fitness through her NuSkin business, writes a daily Blog, and raises her two kids. Busy woman with plenty to say. Enjoy!

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    fred June 17, 2011 at 7:01 am

    Wow Its good to hear from Davey's better half.You're a busy girl.I'm impressed.

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