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Tyler Bowers takes MX1 Costa Rican Championship

by The "Professor" Gary Bailey


Zach Ames had a nasty crash on Saturday. Zach's bike got the worst end of the deal.

If you have never been to Central America, you would not know how different things can be. It all starts from the time you get off the plane and are trying to find your ride to the hotel. If you don't speak Spanish, you will be asking yourself, "Okay, what do I do now?" The good news is that most everyone is helpful and tries to be sure you find your ride to where you need to go. But finding your ride is the easy part. Next you must explain to the driver where you need to go. this can be tricky especially while speeding down narrow streets all while dodging livestock, pedestrians, bicycles, cars, buses, delivery trucks, taxis and every brand of motorcycle and scooter you can imagine. I have traveled all over the world but the first time in any country is alway a good adventure. What was cool about this trip was not only was it my first time to visit Costa Rica but that my wife got to travel with me.

When the wife and I where invited to go down and check out the riders and see their last race for the championship, I thought that was cool. When we found out that Tyler Bowers would be riding and that he was in the points chase for the MX1 title, I was even more excited. Tyler had been down to Costa Rica for all but one of the points races for the championship and the good news is you get to throw out your two worst motos. With that being the case, Tyler was in the hunt.

Practice on Saturday was only 8-minutes so you best have everything ready to go. The results of that one practice also determines your gate pick. So you get no time to dial your bike in and if you have a problem, you just miss practice.

For this weekend, there would be one moto on Saturday and two on Sunday. Since one of the previous race weekends had been rained out, they ran one moto makeup at the last race and planned to run one at this race. With the short amount of time to practice, Tyler did not detect that his rear brake was not working properly until midway through the Saturday moto. He had to ride without his rear brake so things did not go smoothly but he still managed to take second.

Unfortunately, Tyler's teammate and the only other American rider there, Zach Ames, crashed hard in the 8-minute Saturday practice when he hit a kicker off of a tabletop and crashed so hard that his handlebar snapped in half on impact. He suffered a concussion that kept him out of competition the rest of the weekend but managed to return to the track Sunday to cheer on Tyler. This itself was no small feat given how banged up he was and the fact that he had to travel over an hour on very bumpy roads to get to the track nestled high up in the mountains among the coffee bean farms. Needless to say the ride did not help his injuries at all.

On Sunday, riders show up at the track early so they can basically hurry up and wait. When I say wait, I mean they don't get any practice and there is no site lap. Talk about crazy. And might I add that this is Costa Rica's rainy season so it rained like hell Saturday night making the track totally different on Sunday from Saturday.

With the rear brake fixed, Tyler and his mechanic Christopher Loredo headed to the start gate. Tyler rode well and ended up with the moto win. In between motos is very interesting and filled with lots of time waiting and wondering what is going on. Unless you speak Sapnish of course since that is all they are speaking on the PA. Oh and remember I mentioned it's the rainy season? Well every afternoon around 3:00 it rained, so you get a chance to see if the same guy can win in the mud.

Then, right on cue, just as the MX1 riders get on the line for the final moto of the championship, the rain comes. It made for pure entertainment watching the guys slip and slide in thick, rich Volcanic mud that can only be described as Crisco. Lucky for Tyler the results are the same. Tyler again comes out on top and takes the MX 1 championship over the dominant Central American rider, Roberto Castro. Other notable championships sealed that day for Kawasaki Team Pasion MX included the MX2 championship won by Alejandro Rojas that some of you may recall from racing previously in the States and the 85cc championship won by Justin Alvarado.

I was impressed with the whole show. The track was good and the race was run (for the most part) very well. The fans, numbering about 3,000 spread over the grassy hillside, were awesome. Every effort was made by Team Kawasaki Pasion MX owned by Ms. Marisol Rios Reid to make the event a spectacular experience and the hospitality shown us was impeccable. I want to give a big thank you to Federico Campabadal for his professionalism in handling every detail to make this trip possible and most of all for his concern for our enjoyment.

In finishing, I want to tell you if you don't know Tyler Bowers, you need to. This guy's a class act and what all champions should strive to be.

Congratulations Tyler on another championship and thanks for letting us be a part of it.

That's it for now, until next time, good luck with your training and remember, if you have a question, log on to the Virtual Trainer Expert Forum and have your question answered by a panel of experts. In addition, be sure and check out the Racer X Virtual Trainer archive section. Your complete one-stop information zone for motocross fitness. VT Signature

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