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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:46 pm 

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Hi there,

I am experiencing Thoracic Outlet Sydrome symptoms after I have broken my collarbone. There is a little bit of history and it goes something like this:

April 28/08: Broke left collarbone, went to emergency, got a sling and went home.

Healing process seemed fine and I started riding again about 2 months later. Around 3 months into it, I was doing a " Seated High Row" excercise at the gym, and felt something get triggered, not painful at the time but I knew something had happened. After that workout is when the TOS symptoms started to appear: trouble keeping arm elevated (elbows up on the bike), loss of hand strength, pain and tingling down my arm, poor circulation (my arm would fill with blood).

Sept 2008: Went to the doctor about it, and he said give it time. So I did massage therapy and tried various excercises over the following 18 months or so and it improved a bit but not much.

April 2010: I went to another doctor and was referred to an Ortho Surgeon who said it was a non-union and needed to have surgery and a plate put in.

June 2011: Had the surgery and all went well. Was in a sling for almost 6 weeks, felt great. Started using the arm a bit, and still felt great; no sign of any problem

Sept 6/11: Went for a swim, did not push very hard and took lots of breaks. Felt fine. The next day I reached out to tie my shoes and triggered a charlie horse in my left shoulder, which was extremely painful. The symptoms of TOS instantly reappeared, only worse than ever before and I had a bruise in my left armpit area that no one has explained. I am wondering if I tore a muscle that no one has looked at, but I can't seem to get anywhere with the doctors. They just want to take my top rib out.

Sorry for the novel, I did shorten it, but I am hoping that someone out there might understand what I am going through. With all the shoulder injuries that occur in MX I can't believe that someone out there hasn't had something like this happen. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am very fearful to get more surgery as the last one only made things worse, but I realize it might have to happen.

Thanks for any help on this topic, I do have CT scan reports and x-rays if anyone would care to see them.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:37 pm 
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Hey man email me at seiji@coachseiji.com and I can give you at least some recommendations on who to see. I have had TONS of surgeries, collarbones, etc. with my clients and there is an ortho that is batting .100 right now with all my clients (and me) even after some other surgeons have messed stuff up.

Coach Seiji
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