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Almost Daily.....Daily Dose 2/25/14

by Racer X Virtual Trainer


The secret to going the extra mile may just be in your head. Give yourself a personal pep talk to keep yourself moving when nothing else will.

Remember The Little Engine That Could, who chanted, “I think I can, I think I can!” Well, if you told yourself that over and over, you could too! Motivating self-talk (a “mantra”) has been found to boost both endurance and athletic performance. In one study, cyclists who did this worked out longer than, and felt like they weren't working as hard as, those who exercised without the personal pep talk.

Here are some favorite mantras from fitness pros at the American Council on Exercise. See if they work for you too:

  • “Little changes can change everything.”
  • “Don’t let your mind hold your body back.”
  • “There’ll be plenty of time to rest when you’re dead.”

That's it for now, until next time, good luck with your training and remember, if you have a question, log on to the Virtual Trainer Expert Forum and have your question answered by a panel of experts. In addition, be sure and check out the Racer X Virtual Trainer archive section. Your complete one-stop information zone for motocross fitness. VT Signature

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