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Knee Rehab - Part 3

by Coach Seiji


A few weeks ago, a bolt broke on the front axle of Coach Seiji's motorcycle and sent him flying over the bars. As with any crash things could have been worse and in this crash things were pretty bad as Seiji basically destroyed his left knee. To make the best of a bad situation he has decided to shoot some raw video footage of his journey from acceptance, to pre surgery, surgery, post surgery, rehab and finally back to play.

Watch part 1 - The beginning.....anger and acceptance.

Watch part 2 - Pre and post surgery - The first time.

You can also follow his journey on Instagram.

In part 3, Coach Seiji deals with a huge setback as he has to return to the hospital for more surgery. Turns out he developed a staff infection and our wounded warrior has been in the hospital for the past 10 days. For anyone who knows Seiji that is like taking a 6 year old little boy who is extremely ADD and telling him to sit in the corner for two weeks. Ain't gonna happen and if it does it ain't gonna be pretty. Hang in their Coach. We are rooting for you!

Ego, shame, peeing and the value of a Lazy Boy recliner

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