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The Hip Hinge: Do This to Ride Faster (Video)

by Luke Duncan


The Hip Hinge may be the single most important factor in riding your motorcycle faster. In this short video, Luke Duncan explains why mastering the Hip Hinge is an important skill for the motocross athlete.

A fundamental quality to moving on the bike well is the ability to execute a proper hinge. A proper hip hinge while riding the motorcycle is the ability to maintain a long spine while pivoting at the hips. Many riders do this incorrectly and round the upper back or collapse the lower back. Poor hinging places forces on the spine that should be supported by the hips which in the short term leads to early rider fatigue and in the long term chronic lower back pain. Proficiency at loaded hip extension exercises gives you the best reference for how to position your body for the best leverage and least fatigue. Both of which allow you to go faster with more control. Luke explains further in the video below.

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About the Author: Luke Duncan is the author of “Layman’s Strength," a blog site directed towards the aspirations of real world people and their concerns. A Certified Fitness Trainer with the I.S.S.A. and a Los Angeles County certified E.M.T. from 2008-2010, he is a health & fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping people realize their fitness & lifestyle goals in the most efficient, sustainable, & commonsense-way possible. He has ridden motorcycles since the age of 6 and currently produces motocross & other action-sports’ related content for D-Squared Images.

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    Joel Younkins January 03, 2014 at 10:21 am

    The "hip hinge" neutral spine" "unlocking your hips" is a staple for almost any athlete in any sport...As well as developing the movement in the gym it needs to be taught in the sport form as well as a basic fundamental of riding. They both need to correlate with each other.

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