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TransformX Moto Endurance Training System

by Racer X Virtual Trainer

The complete package comes with the patented TransforMx bar, Pushup Platform, Durabands, Moto Resistance Platform, Instructional DVD, and Custom Carrying Case.

Rob Hill from Man and Machine Motocross has lived in Anchorage, AK his entire life. You may think that a guy that far removed from the MX scene and who spends most of his day during the winter months hunkered down from the extreme elements outside, would be the last person to design and build an innovative training device for MX. I met Rob a few months ago when he called the Virtual Trainer office and “wanted to get involved” and “help out with VT.” He said he had a product that he invented and pitched it as the hottest training system to hit Moto in years. He described the product, aptly named the TransforMx (pronounced, Transform X) Moto Endurance bar, as a set of Pro Taper handle bars (used on the first prototypes) that were adjustable to different positions, able to be connected to a Concept2 rowing machine, has an optional system for attaching Durabands, a pushup platform, and was great for doing pull-ups and many other exercises. At first, I thought to myself, this is just another pair of handlebars with a hook welded to the center. Rob was looking to advertise on the VT website, so I kept my mind open over the next several weeks as he described his “baby” to me over the phone. I was curious and it all sounded good on paper, but I was anxious to find out if this new invention was just another piece of infomercial equipment, or worthy of an advertising spot on the VT website. I have always prided myself on not pushing a product that I do not fully believe in or selling out to companies that have nothing to do with proper training and nutrition. I would soon find out that the TransforMx bar was neither of these and would soon conclude that every serious rider should have one of these in their training arsenal.

Meeting at High Point
Rob and I planned on meeting for the first time at the second round of the Outdoor National Championship series at High Point. Since the TransforMx bar was designed to be used with the Concept2 rower, Greg Hammond from Concept2 was also coming along with a brand new rower to make sure the bars fit properly. The first test was the Racer X 500 Meter Time Trial at the Racer X office on Friday before the races. Within 10 minutes of arriving at the office, both the new rower and the bar were unpacked and mated ready for their first use. At first the rower looked like any other piece of gym equipment, but with the TransforMx bar attached, it looked like a mean piece of Motocross training equipment. To put it bluntly, it just plain looked cool. The first thing that hit me as Rob pulled the TransforMx bar from its custom carrying case was that it was NOT just another set of handlebars with a hook welded to the center. This thing was cool as hell and I couldn’t wait to put the bar through its paces. As Rob unfolded the ends and locked the handles into position, my mind raced as I thought about the endless possibilities of training routines that could be put together for not only the weekend warrior but guys like Ricky Carmichael and Ben Townley. In fact, I had spoken with Aldon Baker (RC and BT101’s trainer) a week earlier about the bar and now couldn’t wait to show them to him at the track on Sunday. Aldon has used the Concept2 rower for years with his riders, and I couldn’t wait to show him this new combination that made the rower even more sport specific for MX.

David Pingree uses the TransforMx bar with the Concept2 rower at the Racer X 500 meter challenge

photo: Greg Hammond

The Racer X 500 Meter Challenge
The Friday challenge at Racer X was a hit. We had all of the guys try the rower with the standard handles supplied from Concept2 and with the TransforMx bar. They all agreed the TransforMx bar gave a more sport specific feel for MX and offered a more natural hand position for the MX athlete. David Pingree said he liked the ability of choosing different hand positions offered by the bar, and preferred to row with the bar in the “up” position as this offered a more realistic riding feel. Others liked the bar in the “down” position demonstrating the versatility of the equipment. It was easy to change from one position to another with the patented enclosed sliding spring action as everyone was able to choose their position with minimal instruction. We also used the bar with the pushup platform and easily attached it to the Nautilus equipment for pull-ups, seated rows, lat pull downs, arm curls, and tricep extensions. Once we attached the Duraband system, Rob demonstrated how the equipment could be used at the track or in a hotel room to do almost any exercise that can be done in a gym including squats and lunges. The TransforMx bar truly is a unique design that will benefit everyone who trains for MX.

Aldon's Reaction
Saturday at the track was the moment of truth. Sure, everyone at the Racer X office who used the bar liked it, but what would Aldon think? After all he is the one in the trenches everyday training the Worlds best MX athletes. I had a feeling Aldon was going to like the look and feel of the bars from talking with him on the phone, and from the moment Rob put the bar in Aldon’s hands, he was stoked. Ricky even walked by and poked his head in wondering what in the heck Aldon was up to with this new contraption. Aldon just smiled and said, “Don’t worry, mate, you’ll know soon enough.”  Aldon was intrigued to say the least and was anxiously waiting the next time he and the boys were on the rower to give them a try. Aldon said, “I think that the bar will add a new dimension to rowing and introduce a unique and cool type of hand position with Moto flavor.” He added, “I am looking forward to testing them and am anxious to see if they will utilize muscles that are not being incorporated with the standard bar supplied with the rower.” He also loved the added use as a pull-up bar, push-up platform and band attachment possibilities.

Rob explains the many options the TransforMx bar offers while training to Ricky Carmichael's trainer Aldon Baker

photo: Tim Crytser

Ways to Use the TransforMx Training System
The TransforMx bar is not only capable of giving you a complete total body workout; it is also versatile enough to be used at the track for warm-up. The TransforMx bar is a great piece of equipment whether you train regularly at the gym, workout at home or travel regularly for work. The custom carrying case and compactness of the accessories make it perfect for travel, taking to the gym or to the track. The bar offers a unique way of warming up at the track by offering a way of doing several light sets of whatever exercise your prefer. To do a few pushups, lock the bar in its upright position, connect the pushup platform, and find a hard surface to place the bar. Once you complete that, easily change the position of the bar to the “down” position and hang the hook on the end of the platform from a doorway or similar structure for some pull-ups. The Duraband system can be easily attached to the removable hooks on each end for some seated rows and squats. Within 10 to 15 minutes with the TransforMX bar you should be completely warmed up from head to toe. Follow this with some light stretching and you are ready for your next moto.

Away from the track, when coupled with the rower, a number of great routines can be put together to work on strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The possibilities are endless whether you prefer to work out at home or take the TransforMx bar with you to the gym. Click here for an example workout.

For pricing or to order your complete training system, visit

Conclusion: No Pain - No Podium!
The TransforMx Moto Endurance bar is definitely the hottest training system to hit Moto in years. The Man and Machine website states, "Competition or just riding for fun, Man and Machine is dedicated to creating innovative Moto products that keep the thrill alive.” Be one of the first in line to have the training advantage of TransforMx and order yours today. Your holeshot to the podium, the bar has just been released and is compatible with the Concept2 rowing machine, Durabands and universal type strength trainers. Complete with moto grips, retractable Duraband rods and an instructional DVD, you will be on your way to a better training program within minutes of receiving the product. Durabands, Concept2 rowing machine and other strength trainers are sold separately. As Aldon put it, “These bar offers many training possibilities with one tool.....sweet!”

That's it for now, until next time, good luck with your training and remember, if you have a question, log on to the Virtual Trainer Expert Forum and have your question answered by a panel of experts. In addition, be sure and check out the Racer X Virtual Trainer archive section. Your complete one-stop information zone for motocross fitness. VT Signature

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    Malcolm Pearson March 21, 2016 at 8:48 am

    TRX Pro Bar in Not Available, sucks....I guess I will make one

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    Racer X Virtual Trainer March 28, 2016 at 7:16 am

    contact Rob at

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    Kaitlin December 01, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    I am looking for the Moto Endurance Training System for my boss. Can you please help me get in contact with someone who knows about this.


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    Go to and ask for Rob.

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