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Banner advertising
There are several advertising units on the Virtual Trainer website.
  1. 728x90 Leaderboard.
  2. 468x60 static banner at the top of each article.
  3. 300x250 Scrolling unit on each page of the site.
  4. Inspiration Pictures. Have your logo placed on top of the "Pretty Girl Pics" each week.

Need a high quality, high impact banner for your advertising campaign? No problem, we can help you with that also.  Just ask.

Additional Banner advertiser benefits
As long as you have a banner ad campaign running on Racer X Virtual Trainer, you'll receive the following additional benefits:
- The ability to interact with the community by featuring your product in Featured Articles
- Weekly campaign performance stats (impressions, click-throughs and click-through ratio) via email

- $500.00*/month with 90 day campaign minimum.

Payment/Terms (all options)
- Check or Major Credit Card
- Payment must be made in advance of campaign. e.g. Annual agreement w/quarterly payments requires first quarter payment in advance.
- Agreements with monthly payments must be paid by credit card on file.

Rates and terms are subject to change without notice!
*actual rates may very from client to client

Please, if you are interested in our advertising packages, call TIm at 407-748-4663