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Concept2 Rower

C2 Training for Motocross

The Concept2 Rower is quickly becoming the most popular piece of training equipment in the industry ...Preferred by more top riders and trainers than any other equipment. - Virtual Trainer

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Concept2 Model D Rower
James Stewart's Custome Model E Rower shown
In a just a few short years, the Concept2 rower has become one of the most popular pieces of training equipment in the motocross industry. Perfect for the motocross or action sports athlete.





Model D With PM3 Monitor


Model D With PM4 Monitor

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Model E With PM4 Monitor








In motocross, athletes are always looking for a new and better way to train. The tried and true method for cross-training in MX has always been running: it’s convenient, portable, and easy to do. But for many, all that pounding is hard on the knees and shins.

The Concept2 Indoor Rower is a great cross-training tool for MX. Using the indoor rower provides both upper and lower body conditioning while working the cardiovascular system. Incorporating total body movements with intense cardio action, combined with portability and ease of use, the Concept2 Indoor Rower is a great piece of equipment that all MX athletes should have.

Rowing already has firm roots planted in other forms of motosport like the Indy Racing League and Nextel Cup Circuit and is a fixture in gyms throughout the country. So, what are you waiting for?

How to use the C2 for Motocross
The Basics Complete Product Review
Off-season Incorporate the rower by doing long, lower intensity workouts. This is part of the base training phase.
See this Article for Base Training
Motocross Video Workout #1 (Aerobic Base Training) 
Pre/In Season Motocross Video Workout #2 (20-Minute Supercross Punisher)
Motocross Video Workout #3 (Tabata Rowing)
Motocross Video Workout #4 (Metabolic Blaster)
For a complete list of Concept2 based workouts, see the Concept2 archive page

The Concept2 rower provides me and my clients with a full body, zero impact aerobic workout utilizing full range of motion in both the lower and upper extremities. It has more upsides and less downsides of almost any indoor cardiovascular mode. I highly recommend the Concept2 rower for any moto athlete looking for the optimal use of their training efforts."
- Seiji Ishii (Coach Seiji)
Trainer, Andrew Short, Jason Anderson, Jimmy Albertson
The C2 Rowers that we utilize @ iCON Sports Alliance offers an amazing strength & cardio program that drastically benefit all levels of riders & athletes looking to achieve a full body workout. The C2 Rower may not look like much but dont let the simplified dynamics of this outstanding, power demanding machine fool you for one second- great on the joints, demanding on the body, & outstanding for drastic results!"
- Charles Dao
Trainer, Cole Seely, Justin Brayton, Ronnie Faisst, Twitch
My concept is simple: I respect time, and if I can give my riders an advantage by putting them on a piece of equipment that is the best time spent to get their bodies into top form, I want that piece of equipment! That is why I use the Concept2. It is honestly the best replication of racing a dirt bike, and it allows us to train hard while maximizing time efficiently!"
- Steve Hatch
GNCC Star,
The Concept 2 rowing system (especially equipped with the Transformx Bars from Man and Machine) is the single best exercise you can use for training and warming up for MX. You can push your energy systems to levels that closely emulate MX. Also, it uses every muscle from your toes to your ear lobes - just like MX. Get on a Concept 2 with the Transformx bars and see if you can go at the same intensity (based on heart rate) and see if you can go the same duration as any big race you are training for."
- Robb Beams
Trainer -
Nobody I train likes the Concept2 rower, no one!  It is a piece of equipment that can make the baddest dude cry! So, with that said we use it all the time. The C2 rower is a very versatile training tool. In motocross you need to be in great cardiovascular condition, for the long moto as well as you need to be able to have that explosive burst when you need it. The C2 rower is a training tool that can not only break up the monotonous bicycle riding that sometimes is done but can also add excitement and challenges to your program. When you are on the rower it's you versus the machine, in many ways just like racing!"
- Greg DiRenzo
Trainer, Trey Canard
Concept2 rowing has been the title sponsor of this website for two years. You may think that a testimonial from me is driven by money in which case I would say, sure I have to say something nice, but if I didn't like the product and just wanted to take their money, I simply wouldn't say anything at all! Since working with C2, I have learned that their dedication to the health and well being of all athletes is unsurpassed. There is a reason why the all top teams, trainers, and athletes in motocross are flocking to the rower. Plain and simple; it works!”
- Tim Crytser
Your Racer X Virtual Trainer