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This website has not reached the level to where I have to hide my email and guard my phone number. When it does, you can be sure I will act like a good Rock Star and take my number down.

Name: Tim Crytser


phone: 407-748-4663

Please follow this progression for help.

I am on the computer 24/7 and get email on my phone. I am a junky and crack addict when it comes to my iPhone, email, FaceBook, and Twitter. If you cannot reach me through email or one of the other cyber channels, I am probably trying to avoid you.

If you feel I am avoiding you, please feel free to call me and let me know. I'll probably make some excuse like your email went to my junk folder by accident, but at least you can ask me your question.

Please, please, and once again please do not call me to ask, "Dude, how do I train for MX." Unless of course you want to hire me, which at that point I will be all ears. Seriously though, if you have a training question ask your question on the Expert Forum.

Again, I'll repeat the last part. Please direct all training questions to the Forum.

If you call me with a training related question before emailing or asking on the board, I will be forced to hunt you down and go all Postal on you.

Advertising: Please call me directly. 407-748-4663

I am also available for Hire as a Trainer. Call me and we can talk about it.