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TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training for Motocross

Motocross Athletes such as James Stewart, Dan Reardon, Trey Canard, Nico Izzi and Justin Brayton utilize the TRX Suspension Trainer ...Builds core strength, improves balance and flexibility, increases endurance and adds power to your moves. - Virtual Trainer

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TRX Suspension Trainer Professional

With our easy-to-use, portable TRX Suspension Trainer, you'll maximize your training time and achieve results-no matter where you are. Perfect for the motocross or action sports athlete.

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Ideal preparation for:

  • Core Strength
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Power
  • Flexibility

Check out Nico Izzi tearing up the TRX 40/40 Upper Body Challenge in this short video!

While most fitness equipment relies on weights, elastic or pulleys for resistance, the TRX instead employs the user's bodyweight and simple physics to create an unlimited range of resistance and complete range of functional motion across hundreds of exercises. Suitable for users of all fitness levels.

How to use the TRX for Motocross

The Basics Complete Product Review
Off-season Strength Training Workout
Upper Body Challenge (Challenge Workout)
Pre/In Season Lower Body Challenge
Gameday Challenge (With Drew Brees)
Hangin' By a Thread
Misc - After Completing your cardio session (rowing, running, or biking) perform 3 sets of 30 Atomic Push-ups followed by 30 low rows.
For a complete list of TRX based workouts, see the TRX archive page

TRX Boot Camp: Ropes + Straps DVD
Optimize your workout with a double shot of total-body strength and cardio training - you'll get stronger, leaner, and faster. Randy Hetrick and Buddy Lee run you through intense strength circuits fused with jump rope intervals.

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TRX Essentials: Flexibility DVD and Guide

Perfect for desk jockeys and extreme sportsmen alike: a tailored program of stretches to help you get back the length of muscle and ease of movement your body needs for peak performance and health.


Price: $34.95 Purchase Now
In motor sports and specifically motorcycle racing, you have unique strength, balance and co-ordination requirements and finding the right tools to train these areas is always been challenging. After testing and using the TRX system, I have finally found the right tool. Not only is it easy to set up and take on the road or to any gym, it specifically helps the proprioceptive training needed in this sport, which improves the athletes' strength, coordination, muscular balance, and muscle-reaction times."
- Aldon Baker
Trainer, Ryan Villopoto, Jake Weimer, Tyla Rattray, Adam Cianciarulo
After 15+ years in the personal training and fitness industry, it's not often that I pay that much attention to the “next revolution in fitness” let alone get excited about new exercise equipment. I have developed a skeptical eye when a company claims “this could really help your athletes…” Well that has just changed. I am addicted to the TRX Suspension Trainer and it has easily become my most used piece of equipment. This is saying a lot as I own a personal training studio full of expensive equipment; this inexpensive, simple, yet ingenious device has become a staple of my strength, core and flexibility training routines."
- Seiji Ishii (Coach Seiji)
Trainer, Andrew Short, Jason Anderson, Jimmy Albertson
In all my years of training fitness & sports clients, I never thought I would see a piece of equipment so simple yet so effective & efficient. I use the TRX with all of my athletes, both professional and novice- for either rehabilitative purposes or performance enhancement. If you want to step up your game as a motocross rider or action sports athlete, buy a TRX and become the athlete you have always wanted to be!"
- Charles Dao
Trainer, Cole Seely, Justin Brayton, Ronnie Faisst, Twitch
My trainer, Charles Dao introduced the TRX to me 6 months ago and we have been using it ever since. Charles has always emphasized the core and lower back and with the TRX it seems that every exercise we do requires the use of those two areas. In FMX, core strength and balance are extremely important and the TRX targets those two areas like nothing else. But I’m not going to lie, its a love/hate relationship because it kicks my butt into gear, yet it feels so good!"
- Ronnie Faisst
FMX Freestyle Rider
The TRX is definitely a solid piece of training equipment that Charles & I use religiously. I love how you can get so much done in such a short period of time. I take it with me wherever I can, whether I’m traveling, at home, or at the training studio, I’m hitting the TRX for sure. I have a crazy busy schedule and when I’m training, I want to get things done fast. Besides, I get bored pretty easily & the TRX allows Charles to get creative with his punishment to keep me on my toes. Fun and effective is what I like!"
- Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg
FMX Freestyle Rider
When I started training with Charles, I could tell immediately that he knew what he was doing. His workouts are crazy intense and the TRX is one of the main ingredients in the crazy mix. Motocross is hard on your body and you need a training program that will get you in shape without adding to the wear and tear. The TRX is intense but doesn’t hurt my body when I train. I highly recommend the TRX for all motocross athletes looking to get & stay in shape!"
- Justin Brayton
450 Pro Rider
I use the TRX with all my riders, it is a physically challenging and demanding workout. And one of the best things about it is that I can train them anywhere with it. No more situation where we can't get the gym, with the TRX we always have the gym with us!"
- Greg DiRenzo
Trainer, Trey Canard
What impresses me the most about the TRX system is not only the TRX itself, but the Fitness Anywhere website as well. Developing a world class piece of equipment is only half the battle; in this day and age you need a robust website with up to date content and it has to be user friendly. The trainers at Fitness Anywhere are some of the most well educated and well spoken in the industry and it shows in the quality of their videos. You don’t have to worry about being lost once you receive your TRX either. Simply log on to their website to shop, train, or connect with knowledgeable people who are ready to help. You are always just a few clicks away from intense workouts that will help you create the body you have always wanted.”
- Tim Crytser
Your Racer X Virtual Trainer