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Tweaking the Premium level workouts
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Author:  Virtual Trainer [ Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tweaking the Premium level workouts

Look for Coach Seiji to reply to this after SLC this weekend.

Author:  coachseiji [ Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tweaking the Premium level workouts

My road race programs for the AMA Pros I have coached were very different from MX. The physical demands, in a super general sense, are less intense but of much longer duration and the output has to be very level (no drop off). A lot of it was aimed at lowering the total physical demands of a race in relation to your ceiling so that you are in an operating range that doesn't effect your mental or nervous system in a negative way so all that stays intact at the same level throughout the race. I almost can't even get into how the programs were so different because this isn't really the venue for it (more of a personal training question since I don't have really enough information about you and your past or current training and this is a group program) but in a very, very general sense the aerobic workouts can safely be 50% longer duration and happen with more frequency in trade for dropping the duration and frequency of anaerobic efforts for the cardio portion (which also lends itself to helping you lose fat %). The strength workouts are wholly different. You spend much more time in a static posture in road racing and the way your race weekends are arranged, you do a lot of riding in this static position all of the sudden (no regular practice day in and day out since road racers don't get to practice on a regular schedule like MX guys) so your muscular endurance demands have spikes in them unless you somehow replicate them. More emphasis on muscular endurance type of strength training once you have the prior periods in place, you do them for much longer though the year, you do them more often and you use them to somewhat mimic demands of a race day (long circuits, continuous work, stable work rate, no drop off, etc) and much of it is in transverse or side to side plane. Flexibility and mobility training is HUGE for road guys due to your static position...can't emphasize that enough...the less you fight yourself to maintain your racing position, the more efficient/less heat build up/less energy, etc. it will cost you. This is all VERY general as I stated for this forum and for the amount of information I have.

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