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Racer X Virtual Trainer is dedicated to making you better, faster and stronger by improving your motocross training program. With access to the industries top riders and trainers we reveal the training programs and techniques used by the best in the industry. Racer X Virtual Trainer presents how-to articles on training and nutrition as well as exclusive features from top trainers like Aldon Baker, Coach Seiji, Robb Beams, and Charles Dao. We provide insider access to the training programs of top riders like James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael, Andrew Short, Timmy Ferry, Josh Grant, Travis Pastrana and more as well as interviews and insider information that only Racer X Virtual Trainer can deliver. Virtual Trainer has assembled an expert panel unparalleled on the internet with access to industry professionals like Dr.'s Steve Augustine and John Bodnar of the Asterisk Mobile Medic Unit, professional trainers, a registered dietician, physical therapist, mental conditioning coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn, and more. We also offer complete training packages in conjunction with as well as free programs and advice to be your one-stop information zone for motocross training.  We want to make this website a comprehensive research center for anyone who wants to get in shape and train for motocross. Please take advantage of this site. There is a ton of free stuff and access to some of the best fitness information on on the web.  And Fuel supplies pictures of some of the most beautiful girls in motocross in our Inspiration feature. So come on in, pull up a chair and cruise our website as we add new information every Thursday! Brought to you by Racer X Illustrated, Road Racer X, Concept2 Rowing, TRX Training Systems, Man and Machine, TransforMx, and Polar Heart Rate Monitors.

Racer X Virtual Trainer is dedicated to bringing motocross and action sports athletes the best information available on motocross training, fitness, strength and nutrition from the best trainers and riders in the motocross industry.

Aldon's Access
James Stewart's trainer shares his training knowledge in this exclusive feature. Check out interviews, training tips, nutritional advice, insider secrets and more from the most successful motocross trainer in the business!

Natural Energy for MX 
By Tim Crytser
Having enough energy to get through the day, let alone race on the weekends can be a challenge for most weekend warriors. Finding the energy to fuel your day can be acquired naturally with a few small tweaks to your diet and lifestyle.

Check out these 10 tips on how to feel better, ride longer, and have enough energy to make even the Energizer Bunny green with envy.
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Featured Article
Posted 3/4/10

Coach Seiji Says.......              
Trainer Seiji Ishii  (pronounced Say Gee) presents his views on training and offers complete  Coaching Packages  in conjunction with VT. Coach Seiji has worked with both pros and amateurs like Heath Voss, Ryan Clark, PJ Larsen, Hunter Hewitt, Austin Stroupe and Matt Lemoine as well as weekend warriors and Vet riders.
Recent Articles
Strong Knees for Motocross
In motocross, 'It's not if you get hurt, but when and how bad.' The knee joint is at particular risk and strong legs are key to protecting the knee joint. This article demonstrates a few basic exercises and explains how strong leg muscles work to protect the knee.
Creatine and Arm Pump   
In the wake of Davi Millsaps' inadvertent ingestion of large amounts of Creatine, many are asking how a supplement could be responsible for arm pump. Coach Seiji and Robb Beams, explain the physiology behind Creatine and how it can adversely effect the body.
In part 1 of this Cross Country series, Robb talked about a few things all woods riders can implement immediately to improve their riding. In part 2, Robb generously shares 6 complete workouts: 3 on the bike and 3 off!
Cross Country Training - Part 1  
In part 1 of this Cross Country series, Robb talks about a few things all woods riders can implement immediately to improve their riding this weekend. In part 2, Robb reveals 6 complete workouts: 3 on the bike and 3 off!

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Generation Y with Mike Martin
Sixteen year-old New England native, Mike Martin serves up a unique blend of motocross and cycling news, reviews and opinions. 
The Daniel Corbin Project
Daniel Corbin is a fast young racer who lives in Fredrick, Md. To demontrate the power of a full-on coaching package, Coach Seiji and Virtual Trainer have teamed up to give Daniel a full ride to see just how fast this 18 year-old racer can be with a little help. Follow along in this feature to see if we can make Daniel a faster rider.
Loretta Lynn's Results
High Point LL Regional - Vurb Moto
No Seat??...No Problem!
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Nutrition Corner
Registered Dietician Kim Wathen offers advice on eating right and answers your nutrition related questions.
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