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Dan Reardon Arrives in the U.S.
By Tim Crytser
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Andy Cunningham is a former runner up Mr. Universe and three time Mr. Australia. Having retired 10 years ago, he went back to the sport he did as a kid as his own son shared interest in it himself and is now on the National Circuit at home and is an up and coming Supercross gun. Andy owns a 10,000 sq. ft. fitness center in Brisbane, Australia and has over 50 riders within his care, however most of his time is spent with Dan Reardon, the current MX and SX Open Champion for 2007 and hottest property in Oz after winning the lites only 1 year previous. Andy currently has offers on the table for 07' in OZ but would ultimately like to come to the U.S.A. to further his own ambitions as well as his sons.  That's all we really know about the guy - Virtual trainer

Virtual Trainer, sent Dan Reardon's trainer, Andy Cunningham an email recently and asked him to tell us what he and Dan have been up to and what their plans for the future are.  This is his response!
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The newest Aussie to invade the U.S. is Sobe/No Fear/Samsung Honda pilot Dan Reardon

Andy Cunningham:  Hey Tim, good to hear from you again. At the moment I’m just getting things tidied up over here before coming to the States mid September. Dan leaves this weekend [8/25/07] so that gives him a few weeks to get settled in and to use his awesome new Hondas and to meet his team mates etc. Then when I get there he will already be acclimatized and ready to train his butt off. We already have a plan of attack for the next 6 months and this includes the U.S. Open along the way however our main goal is just getting ready for the AMA SX series. We have periodized it out, so should he do West at Anaheim or East beginning with Atlanta, we will be ready. It really depends on what the team wants him to do which is undecided at this stage. I have now been training Dan for nearly 6 years and psychologically, this is one of the main reason the Reardons employ me as it helps to know how the kid thinks. And now, Dan will go from being the big fish to a small one in a large fishbowl that is the U.S.A.  But we know we can step up to the plate so-to-speak and have set a number of small goals to achieve to get Dan to where he is performing at his best.
Also coming over is Wardy, Dan's practice mechanic, who is more than just a mechanic but ex racer and switched on with a number of issues. Unlike other Aussies before Dan who have come and returned to Oz, we believe with both me and Wardy around same as in Oz, we can get better results as he won’t be as homesick and have people around who know how he thinks, which should help his confidence, a major part of this game as you know.  We came up with a name for our plan “the turkey project," but we will keep the meaning of that to ourselves although it is based on R.E.S.T. principles - ride, eat, sleep, train.  Basically we just want to keep our same work ethic we have here and get on with it over there.

I will live with the guys in Murrieta, CA and ensure all of Dan's dietary needs are met on a daily basis as well as the physical side, just leaving Dan to concentrate on riding and resting and adapting to his new Factory Connection Hondas.  Having all the tracks in the So-Cal area at our disposal will be a major benefit as in Oz we struggle to get rides in and the tracks are very poor.  A key factor however is to not get carried away with the other pros on tracks we are not accustomed to as we learned from this in 06' before Glen Helen. I already have a structured practice cycle based on the Nationals with tracks that have similar dirt texture, lap times and obviously opening times prior to each National.  As Dan is used to a 450 he should really muscle the lites 250F Hondas around but we have changes in place to cater to his new needs such as dropping body weight and fat levels. We will stick to our usual power program off season which involves weight training 3 days a week with basic explosive movements and a few ancillary exercises with some plyometric drills thrown in at various stages. Cardio during this time will be limited and just low HR stuff to help with fat loss and increase his aerobic threshold.  Obviously, diet is essential during this period as losing body weight at the same time as increasing strength is not an easy task. This is were supplements play apart and we are lucky there as there is such a great range in the U.S.A. compared to Oz were we struggle to get basics in due to customs.  We hope to get in touch with "Iron" Montgomery from CytoSport as we really like Cytomax and muscle milk but have limited access to them at home (shameless plug).  Also, with such an array of organic foods it should be real easy to stay healthy and revitalized something that is also a bonus. That’s about all for now, Tim but we are looking forward to the races ahead and with our preparation there becomes opportunities and Dan is very used to be running with these and just getting the job done.  So, hopefully we can continue this in the U.S.A.!

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That's it from Andy for now.  Dan will be at the races this weekend at Glen Helen as a spectator and will debut his SoBe/No Fear/Samsung Honda at the U.S. Open in October.  Until next time, good luck with your training and, as always, VT can be reached anytime at .  In addition, be sure and check out the Racer X Virtual Trainer archive section , your complete one-stop information zone for motocross fitness.

Dan with his trainer, Andy and Mechanic, Wardy is hoping that a few familiar faces from Oz will help with the adjustment of moving to America

If your gonna have a beer, have it with your trainer!

Dan and his family

A lot of people are saying that Dan has more potential than that other guy from Oz, Chad Something-or-Other!