Thank you for visiting the Product Review section here on Virtual Trainer.  Think of this section as the Consumer Reports of the motocross World.  What I will attempt to do here is give my unbiased opinion on what products I think you should or should not use when training for motocross.   I can assure you I will be open, honest and forthright in my opinion and you can always count on me to be politically in-correct when the need arises.  If you read a review and care to weigh in, please Email me and I will post it for the rest of the readers. 

Virtual Trainer Rating System
10 :     Doesn't get any better than this. Think of this as the hottest girl on the block!
8 - 9 : This chick is still hot, just not professional grade.
6 - 7 : Smokin' body but her face needs a little work. Nothing a little plastic surgery won't fix.
3 - 5 :  Not bad, but not great either. Think of this as the girl next door with braces.  She has potential, but she isn't there yet.
1 - 2 : The worst of the worst. Think of this as taking your sister to the prom......and she's ugly.

Coming Soon:
Dr Patrick Cohn's audio CD on mental conditioning
Gary Semic's MX training CD
Rodney Womacks book on motocross training