Product Review: Cytomax
By Tim Crytser
Who is CytoSport
"I've been in the nutrition industry for my entire professional career.  I learned the business from my father, and my kids have learned it from me.  It's what we know and it's what we are good at.  At CytoSport, we are inspired by athletes at every level.  It is why we do what we do.  Whether you are a pro athlete or a weekend warrior, we make the same commitment.  You want to live healthy, stay fit and be good at what you do.  Your intensity level may vary, but your passion comes from the same place.  It's all the same to us."  Those are the opening words from Greg Pickett, founder/CEO on the CytoSport pamphlet that I received when I placed my first order.  After using the product for the past six months, I believe Greg has it right and I am a true believer in their tag line...Driven by Science - Inspired by Performance!

CytoSport is a company on the cutting edge of sports nutrition science. They look to the academic and scientific communities for new ideas, groundbreaking research and myth-shattering proof of long-standing misconceptions. Best of all they collect them on their website in one go-to resource center for you. What’s more, they constantly watch out for upcoming events where athletic prowess will be on display and invite you to participate as a competitor or fan. For news and events from the source you trust, look no further.
Taking Heat From the Energy Drink Sponsors
A few months ago, I took a little (read ALOT of) heat from industry insiders and weekend warriors alike when I bashed the energy drink craze (Monster, Red Bull, etc.) and basically stated that these so-called energy drinks had no place in the serious MX athletes' diet.  I still stand behind that statement but will back down from the stance that if you drink them you are doomed.  I still think they are dangerously marketed to young kids who think that their heroes drink bottle after bottle before and after their motos.  While we all need an energy boost from time to time, an energy drink may not be the best way to get it.  I don't dispute the fact that they contain less caffeine than a strong cup of coffee, however unlike coffee, these drinks contain artificial flavors and sweeteners, high-tech-sounding ingredients that offer scant scientific support for the kind of claims manufacturers use in hyping their products and plenty of calories from sugar, which can add up quickly if you drink a few cans.  But what is a caffeine junky to do?  Aside from eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep, there are healthier choices from products like CytoSport for a healthy kick in the pants!
The CytoSport Products
CytoSport markets several dietary supplements for varying levels and needs of athletes.  They feature EvoPro, which is a protein supplement that is found in their famous Muscle Milk
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The powder form of the Cytomax Sport energy drink

product which is an ideal protein source that can be taken several times throughout the day depending on your dietary needs.  They also carry a complete Whey Protein that is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue and ensures optimally healthy muscle tissue by supplying the requisite amount of essential amino acids every day.  If you have ever had trouble growing or maintaining muscle size then CytoGainer, a lean muscle maximizer is exactly what you are looking for.  Even though MX is technically not an endurance sport, some of your training methods may be especially if you are into cycling or mountain biking.  Many weekend warrior types are serious cyclist and avid mountain bikers where endurance plays a role.  CytoSports' Cytomax line of products is what you should be using.  With the Cytomax Sport Drink, Pre-Formance, Gulp 'n Go Energy Gel, and Cytomax Recovery supplements, these truly are energy drinks full of nutrients and natural ingredients, not scientific-sounding ingredients that are not controlled substances, of no value, and potentially harmful that the other guys fill their cans with.  The CytoSport product line doesn't stop their, it is rounded out with true energy supplements like Xcyto Energy Drink, Fast Twitch, and Muscle Energy, continues with Cytoflex and Joint Matrix for healthy joints and even has products for kids and functional foods for everyday consumption.
Recommend Products for the MX'er
The four products I am most familiar are in the Cytomax line and include the Sport Drink, Pre-Formance, Recovery and the Muscle Energy capsules.  I started using this combination six months ago with amazing results.  I am 40 years old, train 4 to 5 days a week and now ride recreationally for fun.  But when I hit the gym, I hit it hard.  Up until three months ago, I never believed that supplements would enhance my workouts.  I could not have been more wrong.  From the first day I mixed the Pre-Formance powder with a few Muscle Energy capsules, I noticed a significant increase in my overall energy and endurance.  By Friday of each week, my body usually starts to show a few signs of wear-and-tear but with the added use of the Cytomax Recovery powder, I also noticed a significant
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Can't find a flavor you like?  Try mixing the powder with fruit and skim milk

in muscle soreness, especially towards the end of the week.  I must admit that I have always been a Gatorade junky, and still believe that in a pinch a Gatorade will do, but am now fully hooked on the Cytomax Sport drink.  Due to the fact that Cytomax Sport drink has significantly less sodium and sugar than Gatorade, it was no wonder I preferred the taste over Cytomax.  However, like any dietary adjustment, I now prefer the taste of Cytomax, especially when training as the taste is much lighter and easier on the stomach.
A Word of Caution
Like any change in your life, if you are adding the complete line of CytoSport to your diet, do so at a time when you can allow your stomach and body to adjust to the change.  I would not recommend starting the use of the Pre-Formance or Recovery right before a big race.  As for myself, it took my body about 6 to 10 treatments until I was fully confident of the outcome (if you know what I mean).  Otherwise, I was sure to take the Pre-Formance and Muscle Energy capsules well in advance of the classes I was teaching to avoid any sudden trips to the restroom.  But, like I said, with 6 to 10 treatments, my body adjusted and now, I have no worries.  As for the Cytomax Sport drink I suffered no ill consequences from the first use.  The other thing to experiment with is the multitude of flavors and also try this hot little tip: add some fruit like mango, berries, or a banana for a more palpable shake.

What the Pro's are Saying
Don't take my word for it, just listen to what several of the top trainers in our sport are saying.
Aldon Baker (Trainer for Ricky Carmichael, Ben Townley, Nicky Hayden and Nextel Cup star Jamie McMurray): "Yea for sure, I believe 100% in the CytoSport products. I have used them for years and really like their results. Specifically we use the Cytomax Sport drink which is great for electrolyte replacement and is really solid. We have also had fantastic results with the Cyto-Recovery drinks. "Iron" Montgomery out at Cyto really hooks us up. They have some terrific blends."

Charles Dao (Dane Herron's Red Bull JAM's team) "Hands down CytoSport products are second to none! No matter what sport, what body type, what temperature... CytoSport is scientifically proven to have the answer for you! Personally, I utilize the Muscle Energy, Pre-Formance, Cytomax, and Recovery with all my athletes, both amateur and professional. And for the days that I'm struggling with flights, no sleep, and a heavy workload of training, Xcyto Energy Drink is my secret to making big things happen!"

Seiji Ishii ( and Team Green Xtreme): "Although proper diet is the primary source of nutrients for the high performance athlete, carefully researched and formulated supplements such as those offered by CytoSport can be an insurance policy to preserve and increase performance. An athlete should always be searching for an edge and supplements such as Cytomax can be part of a successful athlete’s arsenal.”

Randy Lawrence (Trainer for Nick Wey and Ryan Villopotto) "I was introduced to CytoSport supplements back in 1995 while I was still a mechanic at the Millville National. "Iron" Montgomery was there promoting the product and I started using it based on his recommendation. Once I started competing on a National level in Mountain Bike racing I really noticed the benefits and have used it ever since. Now that I am a trainer, I strongly recommend it to my riders. With a season the length of ours, you have to push all the time and recovery is very important. I love the Cyto Recovery product. I have Nick and Ryan using the Muscle Milk, EvoPro, Sport drink and Recovery and even though Ryan has a tough time with the taste, he continues to use the stuff because of the noticeable performance benefits!
The Bottom Line - What to Use and How Much
This question is best answered by Jeff "Iron" Montgomery, Sports Marketing Guru at CytoSport.  According to Iron, most MX athletes will need the traditional Cytomax Sport drink during all of their
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Everyone agrees....Cyto Recovery is a must if you are a serious athlete

supplemental training sessions including cycling, swimming, strength training, running and of course riding.  There are far t oo many Olympic swimmers, cyclists and runners to mention that use Cytomax Sport drink for hydration in any condition they face.  Many athletes are realizing that it is just as effective in weight training as well, as the “lactate buffering” qualities allow them to do more quality work in the gym, as well as greatly minimizing post workout soreness, which is something most of the World’s best SX/MX riders realized years ago.  He also highly recommends Cytomax Recovery, as it is a phenomenal tool in addressing the post exercise recovery needs of any athlete.  It restores much valued Glycogen within minutes after any really hard effort.
Here is a great blend that Iron recommends for MX athletes.  Before your next workout, mix 4 Muscle Energy capsules with 1 scoop of Pre-Formance (w/water or Skim milk for added flavor). Then use Cytomax Sport drink (1 scoop) during the workout and then to finish it all off, take 1 scoop of Cyto Recovery within 20 minutes after completing your workout while the glycogen window is open.  That’s really about it, but good Lord this combo works phenomenally well!  

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That's it for now and good luck adding the CytoSport product line to your diet.  I promise you, you will not be dissatisfied with the results of adding such a high quality supplement.  For more information on all of the CytoSport products mentioned here visit their website at  Until next time, good luck with your training and, as always, VT can be reached anytime at  In addition, be sure and check out the Racer X Virtual Trainer archive section , your complete one-stop information zone for motocross fitness.