In part two of our interview with Iron, he gives his recommendations on which Cytomax products are best for the MX athlete and explains why the other guy's Energy drinks are not what an athlete should be drinking.  
If you had to pick one or two CytoSport products what would you recommend and how would you use them?
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The Cytomax Sport Drink not only taste great but is formulated to replace much needed electrolytes during exercise

If I could, I would recommend three.  Start with our Cytomax Pre-Formance, 45 minutes to an hour on its own before any hard training session or before the first moto of a local race.  The second product to be used would be our Cytomax Sports drink, which is used as a hardcore electrolyte replacement drink whenever hydration is an issue.  The Sport drink can be used on and off all day throughout any of their training sessions whether it’s during the week or at a local race or National.  The last would be the Cytomax Recovery that would be used immediately after any long or intense effort to address the Glycogen window issue where it promotes complete recover almost immediately due to its content of providing a stellar protein/carb ratio that creates an anabolic atmosphere immediately.  Most riders have said they notice a difference inside of 10 minutes.  They come in all beat down and 10 minutes later they feel like they didn’t go that hard.  Well, although we may or may not be able to take full credit for that, I can tell you that a product like Recovery has an absolute profound impact on recovery whether it’s a guy winning a National or a guy winning a Tour De France stage, or a guy winning the Ironman.

Or the guy that just won the D class.
Absolutely!  The guy that just won the D class is still getting back to the truck with his heart rate in the 170’s and having difficulty putting the bike back on the stand, and needs just as much help with recovery as the guy that is going to win Steel City.

That is one of the reasons why I like Cytomax so much.  It is a simple thing that can be added to your life to make riding so much more enjoyable.  The VT website was built to help the Weekend Warrior get into a little better shape so he can enjoy racing more.  And adding Cytomax to your diet instead of heading to the vending machine at work can have a significant impact.
You are so right!  I spend literally 15 hours a day on this topic.  It is remarkable how little it takes to start to make a fairly dramatic impact on your overall performance and condition.  All it really requires is just a little more direction and motivation heading in the right area.  And that has become a very subjective thing in this sport which is why I probably have had such a significant role in the training habits of so many riders for so many decades.  It’s because at this stage of the game we know what works.  When I say the right direction, I feel I know what the right direction is depending on the guy.  And the perceptiveness required to determine the needs of an RC are the same as the perceptiveness required for a D class rider.  It’s just a matter of degrees.  And again its remarkable how little change is needed to make a huge difference.  They only need to veer 8 degrees to the left and be put on the right path.  They are all motivated.  They are all spending a lot of money,
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Want to enjoy your day at the track more?  Pass up the vending machine at work and grab a Cytomax!

at least to them.  If you get to the races every weekend, I don’t care who you are you are spending a lot of money.  I just feel it is a critical thing to leverage that investment with just some of the correct types of training, enough rest and knowing how to recover from workouts of the correct intensity.  I hate to see guys in this sport or others head down a road that ultimately ends up being a cul-de-sac where it’s the wrong kind of work that is not going to pay dividends and where guys just have a fundamental non-understanding of what they need to improve.  And VT, going back to last year has had ample information that is so straight forward that any knucklehead could follow and literally become a better rider.  You don’t need a trainer or a nutritionist or an exercise physiologist or a cycling coach.  Do all those things help?  Sure they do, but do you need them; no.  You could literally follow everything that has been here for the last year, go through it and start to incrementally add it to your routine and I don’t care who you are or what level you do it at, it would make an impact.  Because the information that is being provided to these amateur riders through Virtual Trainer is invaluable and it works.  You have done an awesome job with the VT website by presenting information in a clear and informative manor.  You do a great job of presenting things in a fair and equitable way that separates fact from fiction and crap from reality.  And that’s again why our business has been so successful because people have read through the jive and now know we are the ultimate performance related company and the proof is in the Muscle Milk Pudding, (laughs).

Let’s cut to the chase and tell me, in your opinion why energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull are not good for an athlete.
Here is want I want to say about that, and I do want to be a little careful.  These products, most if not all of the energy drinks on the market do not inherently contain the ingredients that address the needs of a hard working endurance athlete.  They were not intended to address performance and recovery and they do not contain things like electrolytes or other key ingredients that have been proven to positively impact an athlete during exercise.  Sure they may work for ten minutes or something but I don’t know too many people that have used them that are hard core fans of the products.  They will increasingly impede performance and the bottom line is that they were never intended to increase the performance of an athlete.  A working body whether it’s RC or a D rider in his second race has electrolyte demands.  And they go up with the workload.  And with excessive sweat loss the body requires replenishment of electrolytes accordingly.  The primary electrolytes lost in sweat are sodium, chloride, potassium, and phosphorus.  Those are the four.  Electrolyte replenishment is already a very big challenge for any hard working athlete.  So those who consume either A, water only or B, an energy drink only is irresponsible on so many levels that it would take me too long to mention it here.  They should not be a part of any “during race nutrition plan.”  A product like Cytomax has those ingredients and more and even some that directly affect the amount of work an athlete can do.  It is a performance drink in every sense of the meaning.  With enough excessive sweat loss most people that use an energy drink will become hypotonic.  It could be soon, it could be later but it will happen.  With Cytomax, that will never happen.  I don’t care how long or how hard you go you are not going to run into a problem as long as the rest of your calorie needs are met.  If you are getting enough of the right kind of carbs, protein and electrolytes you can go all day.  The bottom line with energy drinks is that they were not developed or ever intended to address the needs of performance and recovery in an athlete.  The guys at these energy drink companies know that.  The guys I bump into at the races, know that.  If you are a great rider or a well known employee of an energy drink company the odds are extremely high that those same people are our biggest Cytomax fans.  And that is a flat out fact!  There is no bigger compliment on race day than to see my product being put into a Monster Energy bottle.  There is no bigger compliment.  I drive home on the freeway or on my way to the airport a very happy guy when that happens.

Iron, you have been around this an incredibly long time, it must give you tremendous joy to have been with a product like Cytomax from the beginning and watch guys like McGrath and RC use it with such success throughout their careers and to see your product so widely used at the races in lieu of all these energy drink companies flooding the market.
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Loretta Lynn's Champion Trey Canard


Oh, for sure it does.  It is very satisfying.  Being involved with RC and Jeremy as well as many other very impressive riders has really been rewarding.  Not easy at times, but always rewarding. Knowing that our product had a hand in making them who they are is very satisfying.  The other thing that is gratifying is to watch the profound difference our product has made with B riders who now, as we speak are factory riders. Our amateur rider line up is staggering !    I lost count of the amount of titles that were won on Cyto at Loretta’s this year.   But I think it is very important to acknowledge the fact that Cytomax is not only making a difference in the top guys but in every one else who uses it.  I probably send out more product to B level riders than any other segment of riders.  It isn’t always about exposure.  There are times when it just isn’t about that.  The amount of work and effort I have put into this sport over the past 20 years to guys that have won titles, is just crazy.  Especially when coupled with winning athletes in 20 other sports!

Well, that’s all I have for you.  It has been a pleasure interviewing you and is an extreme pleasure to have such a great product backing Virtual Trainer.
Our pleasure, Tim.  It’s nice to be involved with such a quality website where the content is genuine, and if Cytomax helps to keep getting quality content to the Weekend Warrior on training and nutrition, then at the end of the day it’s worth it.  Just remember at CytoSport we aren’t interested in getting into a chest beating contest, or a short sighted money pissing contest.…..All we want to do is win races…..that’s all we’ve ever done! 

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