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Are you handy with a camera while at the race track or training?  If so, we want your pics!  Here is your chance to submit your favorite race, training, or society (pretty girls) pics to be posted on Virtual Trainer.

Submit your jpegs to  PLEASE INCLUDE name, location of track, and where you are from.

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KTM rider Cody Pickering #197 and Honda rider Taylor Monroe #154. Wild West National in Ogden, UT.

Last year at Loretta Lynn's the Stacy family battled it out in the 500 meter challenge on the Concept2 rowers.  Ryann, who runs in the women's class, has once again qualified for the big show. With shoes, instead of sandals, she is sure to beat her time of 2 minutes 20 seconds !

#455, Ian Raun showing off his crossfit skills (in an amazing looking t-shirt).  The Raun's are from PA and are regulars at Doublin Gap in Shippensburg, PA. The father & son picture was taken at a private track in Scotland, PA.

Rider: Kevin Anderson
Bike (s): Honda 85 # 51 & Honda 125 # 515
Track: Anderson Motocross Facility (AMF) Venus, Tx
Rider: Josh Duppong    Location: Some where in Idaho
Photo's by Dave Duppong
Shot in blue fox gear was shot May 10-11, 2008 @ Wild West National in Preston, ID
Shot in fox Montage gear was @ practice in ID
Loretta Lynn's Fan's and Fun Gallery !
Rider: Josh Duppong
Location: Devol Top Gun Team Shootout on Labor Day weekend
Photo's by Dave Duppong

Rider: Gigi .... big fan of racer #749 Anthony Foster of Port Tobacco, MD.

photo from "ardas" festival..

Rider: Dano Aulseybrook       Age:18
Hometown: Ortonville, MI       Track: Baja Mx

Rider: Austin Frankel        Hometown: Denver , Colorado       
Track: Watkins, Colorado     

Regular reader of Virtual Trainer - Charkie Huegel
2-mile run County Park      Oil City, PA      

Brian Clark from Edmond, Oklahoma. This picture is from an OCCRA event in Skiatook, Oklahoma. He races in the Expert A class.