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Are you handy with a camera while at the race track or training?  If so, we want your pics!  Here is your chance to submit your favorite race, training, or society (pretty girls) pics to be posted on Virtual Trainer.

Submit your jpegs to  PLEASE INCLUDE name, location of track, and where you are from.

If your pictures are good enough and pass our screeners, we'll post them right here

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Jason J. Potter
Big Air Motocross Track
Newaygo, MI
13 year old Katie, from Ponca City, clearing doubles and railing berms at tracks in Oklahoma.  Katie has only been riding for 2 years, but with the help of Dad cheering her on and Mom behind the camera, Jessica Patterson may have some competition soon.
Photographer: Ryan Haygood  - Ogden, UT
Track: Price, UT

Austin Baker at Ohio International Raceway in Ravenna, Ohio

Photographer: Ryan Haygood
OMC - Boise, ID 
Jerad Butler - 329, JP Reddy - 421, Ryan Personette - 426, Dalton Braun - 727, Jake Turnbull - 507

Brian Youler in his backyard  

Trevor Smith, training at MTF in Cairo,Georgia.  Trevor is from Michigan City, Indiana, but goes each Spring for a camp at MTF. 
Photo by: Linda Orlowski-Smith
Kyle Carrington age 15 at Ponca City
Kyle is from Montrose, Colorado.

18 year old, Anthony Foster from Port Tobacco, Maryland with a fender kiss at Budds Creek.

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