Australian Supercross Rider Preview
By Andy Cunningham


This year sees a new player in the world of supercross Down Under. Chad Reed with his partners Mike Porra and Mal Peters, who formed Global Action Sports and have previous experience with the world-renowned Crusty Demons events and Uncle Toby's Iron Man Super Series, are hopeful of full houses at new venues. With unique formats completely new to supercross and prime time live coverage on Fox Sports and repeated on free to air TV the following week everyone has high hopes for the re-creation of the series. Young Aussie riders eager for the fresh start will have the opportunity to ride on tracks similar to the US as Reed brought in one of the best track designers, Mark Barnett. No stone has been left unturned or so it seems. However in its first year of conception there will always be a few bugs that will need to be ironed out for next year and only time will tell. The series will consist of 7 rounds starting on the west coast and ending on the east with a one week break for the US open. Chad will certainly be earning his frequent flyer points that’s for sure as he is scheduled to compete in Vegas, October 11. But it also shows how determined he is to give back to his home country and a sport he so dearly loves. He deserves much respect from those so called experts on the internet forums who are quick to criticize him but slow to praise. So good luck to Chad and let’s have a look at the major players.

Supercross - The Contenders
Chad Reed
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Chad not only has a new series to run but a new bike to adjust to as well. Time will tell if CR's off-track duties interfere with his on-track results!


Former AMA & World Supercross Champion Chad Reed will lead the campaign to bring the sport into the spotlight, and will not only lend his experience and direction, but will also compete in the series for the next three years. Chad obviously added some of the new formats to give people a shot at him and make it interesting for the fans. Many riders can hold a good pace with adrenalin for 2 or 3 laps and Chad could make a mistake if he is not focused on the racing and let’s his business worries interfere. However this is a long shot at best so I’ll bet the house on Chad myself as you don’t become an AMA and World SX champ by not being prepared.

Dan Reardon
Supercross sensation and reigning Australian Champion, Geico Powersports Factory Connection Honda's Dan Reardon is returning home to contest the Supercross Championship with Woodstock Honda Racing in association with American Honda, Geico Powersports and Factory Connection. Australia's latest talent taking the international race scene by storm, Reardon will take time out from piloting his Geico Powersports Factory Connection Hond in America to contest the Australian Supercross Series. With a year in the US under his belt and free of injuries, Reardon will be challenging for the top spot unless he buckles from the pressure to perform in front of his friends and fans. I don’t expect this to happen since he will be enjoying the comforts of home plus the 450 is better suited to his riding style.

Jay Marmont
Wollongong Yamaha rider, Jay Marmont is coming in with confidence after just winning the MX title two months ago and has always been stronger at supercross. Don’t be surprised to see him mixing it up at the front as he is now settled back here after being in Reardon’s position which could work in his favour.

Andrew McFarlane
Just back in Oz it has been a frantic time for MX RAD Yamaha's, Andrew McFarlane with various teams vying for his signature. He finally settled for a Yamaha deal with his father doing the mechanics just like the old days. He is a good starter and has lots of experience so it will be interesting to see how well he adapts to his new ride.
Craig Anderson
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Craig Anderson has the experience to do well if he shows up motivated and in-shape!

photo Mick Innes

The old warhorse Ando has more experience than anyone and is naturally gifted with his flawless riding style. If he’s fit and motivated enough, I’m sure he will be a contender. Plus he is an awesome starter which is so critical in supercross.

The dark Horses
Cheyne Boyd
He has raw speed to match most but just seems to be missing that final ingredient. However, he is injury free now and coming off good momentum from the MX series.

Cameron Taylor
With renewed passion from just picking up a ride from factory Suzuki, word is Cameron is flying. The always-fit 34 year old has something to prove now that he is on some quality equipment. Motovation should not be a problem as Cameron tries to impress new Suzuki boss Jay Foreman.

Mitch Hoad
With lots of natural ability, if Mitch can keep calm and focused he is capable of running in the top 5 without a doubt.

Troy Carroll
TC has a great practice facility and runs his own team but is more of a small bore expert. It will be interesting to see how he goes as he is another veteran with lots of experience and race craft.

Supercross Lites - The Young Lions
Luke George

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Luke George will be going after his first SX Lites title after wrapping up the MX Lites title earlier in the year!

photo Mick Innes

With a heart of a lion and a hunger to match, the current MX champ thrives on confidence. With the help of Chad and Mark Reed this kid is the real deal. A great starter his previous flaw was the whoops but he works as hard as anyone and has gotten a lot stronger this year so using his previous SX race craft he will be the one to beat with the most wins. He loves SX and big crowds encourage the little guy to perform.

Matt and Jake Moss
Matt has always been the better of the two twins although this might be different now that Jake has the experience of a year racing in the states. Jake brings raw speed with him on his former team Serco Yamaha and has the ability to beat anyone. Matt on the other hand has the speed to match anyone in the states in my opinion but also has an injury list to match. It will depend on what team he has around him to keep him calm but he is hungry after seeing his brother do so well this year. If his dad, Greg is there to advise him he will be a major threat. At 20 years old, it’s time for him to step up to the plate and show the World what he has.

Ryan Marmont
After a so-so MX season by his standards he is a quiet achiever and the reigning SX champ excels at SX. Ryan could be the man again or has he been overtaken by the young guns? Only time will tell but don’t rule him out.

Lawson Bopping
This kid can go through the whoops with the best in the world. His body type is perfect, long and gangly, and if he has the corner speed to match he will be a contender. Starts are sometimes an issue so only time will tell if he improved during the off-season. Look for him to be the first to jump the triples.
Robbie Marshall
Robbie has as much natural ability as anyone. If the part time FMX/SX rider decides to come to the party, he will contend. But the question still remains. Which Robbie will show up at Perth?

Ford Dale
Off to Honda on a 450 next year, Ford is capable of anything but needs to sit down more for SX as it has caused him to come unglued in the past. However, he is always at the pointy end of the results.

Even younger Lions
Tye Simmonds

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Tye Simmonds won everything as an amateur. Will his winning ways continue as a pro?

photo Mick Innes

Australia’s most decorated junior has oodles of potential at SX although it will be a far different intensity from hole-shotting the juniors and having no real pressure. It will be good to see how he adapts to his newer, faster environment.

Todd Waters
In MX, Todd has a natural sweet style like Stefan Everts. He has had an average year and is new to SX, but I expect him to be steady and learn and slowly rack up the points.

Wade Thomson
A former factory SX star Wade has been lost for the past few years and has struggled at MX this year. Now as a privateer something tells me he will turn a few heads in SX and return to his former self.

Josh Cachia
Josh is the youngest competitor at 16. He is a good jumper and has plenty of SX experience. He is also one of the smaller guys and when he gets his training right I’m sure he will be a contender. He is a strong starter and if he can manage the whoops and intensity he will make top 8 for sure in a stacked division.

So there you have it, a look at the contenders and the pretenders; the ones who look good and the ones who work hard and are not Rockstars. I for one can’t wait for it to kick off and good look to Chad for having a go at this and providing a platform for these young Aussie kids to jump off as they all have ambitions of SX stardom in the states.
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