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By Tim Crytser

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In his 9th season as a pro and 2nd full season in the 450 Class, Andrew is quietly contending for the title!
This week's episode of the Racer X Virtual Trainer podcast show features Honda Red Bull rider Andrew Short and his trainer Dr. Jeff Spencer. Andrew is off to a great start this season holding down 3rd position going into the 11th round in New Orleans.
This podcast takes place a few days before the Daytona Supercross, so I asked Andrew if his preparation for the gnarliest race on the circuit is any different from the other supercross races. Come to find out he actually does do things a little differently and he even reveals a few of those details. I also asked Andrew and Jeff what they think it will take to catch Stewart and Reed and if Andrew has what it takes to run up front with the World's fastest riders. We also talk about what Jeff brings to the table as Andrew's new trainer and what their training program consists of. And like always, I end our discussion with the topic of Performance Enhancing Drug use in Motocross. New in 09', the AMA has adopted the FIM's anti-doping policy for both recreational and performance-enhancing drugs and Andrew was one of the riders tested at the San Francisco SX. I asked him what the test was like, the procedure he went through, and his opinion on whether he believes any one in motocross is using PEDs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this 45-minute podcast session with Andrew Short and his trainer Jeff Spencer. 
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