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By Tim Crytser

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Many believe Ashley will be the first woman to qualify for a men's outdoor national.
For this weeks Trainer Talk Podcast show, I tracked down current WMA Pro National Champion, Ashley Fiolek and her trainer Robb Beams of to talk about how the women prepare for motocross. Ashley, now 18, has been around the sport of motocross since the age of seven and has captured 13 Women's Amateur Championships in addition to being the 2006 Winter Olympics, Women's SX Champion, the 2004 Loretta Lynn's Girls Amateur National Champion and when she competed with the boys at Loretta's in 2006, she finished 11th in the 85cc class. Many believe Ashley will be the first woman to qualify for a men's outdoor national event. For those of you who have never seen the women compete you are in for a treat this summer as the women take the stage and race on the same day as the men during the outdoor nationals. So sit back, relax and enjoy this 20 minute interview as we get to know what makes this young lady the fastest women on two wheels.
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