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By Andy Cunningham
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New Zealand's Pro Open Motocross and Supercross Champion, Daryl Hurley  
photo: Shayne Rice
Andy Cunningham: So Daryl how does it feel to win another New Zealand title?
Daryl Hurley: It feels good to win another championship. I have had some good luck in the last two seasons. I think it is making up for some hard luck I had earlier on in my career.
How many titles is that now and what's your plan for next year?
I think it is about 10 championships. My plans are to continue racing in New Zealand and selected races in Australia and working in my new Suzuki dealership.
I understand it has been quite a hectic year of ups and downs. Would you care to elaborate on it?
Yeah 2008 was pretty crazy. We got married in February, had our first baby in May and then I lost my dad 2 weeks later. All this went on while I raced a full MX championship in Australia to finish 2nd in the open class. I then purchased a Suzuki dealership two weeks before the New Zealand MX nationals started. So yeah 2008 was pretty full on.
So now you have just purchased a Suzuki dealership, what's it like to be a regular 9-5 guy and how's business?
It is more like 8 am to 8 pm on a good day with the odd bit of training and riding squeezed in if I'm lucky. Business is going good though and I'm really enjoying the new challenge.

Do you run the Suzuki race team in New Zealand as well?
Yeah I forgot to add that in above. That has definitely been another challenge but we have had some good results with four championships in the past two seasons.
How was the Taupo International this year and how did you go?
The Taupo track is very special as the soil there is completely different to anything you could ever find elsewhere in the world. I decided to step back to the MX 2 class this season due to my hectic lifestyle and managed to win it at Taupo. The track was awesome and the Taupo club certainly knows how to run a world class event.
I know you are quite a mentor and idol to some of the current Kiwi pros do you get to see people like Ben Townley and Cody Cooper much?
We catch up a couple of times a year but more so before the Motocross des Nations. I have watched Ben from a young age and was always impressed with how fast he was back then and to see what he has done now is great for New Zealand motocross. I'm sure this year he will bounce back from the tough times and have a great motocross season. I'm really looking forward to watching Cody this year knowing that he has a great team to guide him. I'm sure he will do big things this year.
At 32, you've been doing this quite a while. How does your training differ from maybe 5-10 years ago?
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Daryl was the 2005 Australian Pro Open Motocross Champion.
photo: Shayne Rice
I now focus on quality training as opposed to quantity and try and get the most out of every session that I can squeeze in. I know a lot more about optimum training and nutrition now so I can be a bit wiser with my training.
Time management has to be one of your favorite words. How do you manage to fit everything in and what's a normal week for you on the bike side of training?
As of right now I'm trying to learn some time management skills so that I can fit in work, training and family life. I guess I don't ride as much during the week as I did when I was racing full time but I still manage to ride three times a week in the mornings before work as I have my own practice track out my back door.
What about off the bike; any preferences?
Running and cycling work for me.
With living in a large dairy area of New Zealand I'm surprised you don't look like an all black front rower. So give us your specs mate; height, weight, etc.?
I am about 1.78 meters and usually weigh about 74 kilos.
To keep that size and weight down on the 250 recently do you follow any specific diet?
No I have trouble keeping weight on so it is more about trying to maintain my weight. I try to eat well and regularly through the day and try to have a lot of high protein snacks.
What's your favorite bike 250 or 450?
I really like the new Suzuki fuel injected 450. I am back on a 450 now and will ride that for the 2009 season.
You won a world SX title in muddy Spain a few years ago, do you like the mud?
Yeah I have always done well in the mud. It is really wet here in the winter and my track is always water logged so I am used to it. I really enjoy the challenge of riding in the mud as the track changes every lap.
Living where you do and riding in Oz all them years you have quite a lot of experience in wet and dry conditions and plenty of titles in both; what's your favorite?
I definitely prefer wet as opposed to dry and hard packed. My riding style seems to suit sand or soft conditions and I have always struggled on hard surfaces.
What were your favorite tracks in the USA?
Budds Creek and Red Budd.
You rode for Paul Lindsey's Motoworld Suzuki over there didn't you?
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Daryl was the 2005 Australian Rider of the Year

photo: Shayne Rice
Yes I did and I enjoyed my time in the USA. I got to meet a lot of cool people and lived my dream.
Do you still keep in touch with friends in the USA?
Yes, all the sluts still text me and I can't seem to give the attention up. My wife is so understanding and I plan on going back there to catch up with them all real soon. Nah Andy cut that bit.............yes I do keep in contact with a few mates. It is good to hear from them to see who is doing what in the motocross world over there.
What are your thoughts on New Zealand's youth and should we be looking out for anyone special?
We have a couple of young kids who are looking pretty promising. Hamish Dobbyn and Cam Dillon are the stand outs right now. I think Cam is off to stay with Ben and do a couple of races in the US.
What are your future goals?
To run my Suzuki dealership and become the number one Suzuki dealer in the country. I also want to continue racing for a couple more years.
How is your body holding up nowadays as you've had a few knee surgeries in the last few years?
I will definitely carry a few of these injuries to my grave and am not quite as fresh as I was 10 years ago but have had a good time and have no regrets.
I hear you go for a big cycle every year at this time down in Hawera why don't you fill the readers in as I believe it's on youtube isn't it?
Actually I am feeling the effects of that one event as I write this.......I will explain so everyone understands. We have an annual push bike pub crawl in Hawera, my home town. We have 10 pubs within a 10 km radius in which it takes a day and a lot of alcohol to get from the first pub to the last pub. It gets bigger every year and this year there were 1600 people riding in all states of dress and states of minds. It was carnage but a great day.
On a final note who would you like to thank?
There have been so many people who have helped me during my career. First, I need to thank Suzuki who has supported me for many years now and also my family.

Thanks Mate!

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