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By Tim Crytser

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Josh Grant Stylin' in Houston  
photo Steve Cox
To say that Josh Grant has had a great start to the 09' Supercross season would be a huge understatement. After winning Anaheim 1, Josh followed up with a 3rd at Pheonix, and two fifth place finishes in rounds 3 and 4. Not too bad for a rider who just started with a new team a few short months ago and moved all the way across the country to boot. In this trainer talk session, Josh and his trainer Tim Gearhart talk about their early season success, how Josh has adjusted to life in Charlotte (base camp for JGR racing), and of course we get the skinny on Josh's training program. I also asked him what he thinks it's going to take to beat James and Chad this year in SX and if he has it in him to climb back to the top of the podium.   
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