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By Tim Crytser

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SX East Lites contender, Spencer Dally carves a perfect turn in the Florida sand!

 photo: Tim Crytser
This week I have Robb Beams on the line who owns, a private training facility in Haines City, Florida just outside of Orlando. If you are in need of a private facility to ride and train on, Robb has just what you are looking for with a new SX track, 2-minute outdoor track, turning track, and a pond right next door to keep it all watered and prepped. He also has a complete gym, shop to keep the bikes running, and a few RV spaces with more to come. Robb is currently training WMA Champion, Ashley Fiolek, Supercross class rider Kyle Chisholm, East Coast lites contenders Spencer Dally, and Tyler Livesay along with a host of other amateurs. So if you are in the need for a riding fix and want some expert coaching along the way, Robb may just have what you are looking for. So sit back relax and enjoy this 36-minute podcast with human performance coach, Robb Beams as he tells us what a rider can expect if they utilize his services.
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