Trainer Talk with.......Trey Canard and Trainer Greg Direnzo


By Tim Crytser

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Trey says that the break in the SX West series schedule was a welcome chance to regroup and finish the season strong!
This week's episode of the Racer X Virtual Trainer podcast show features GEICO Powersports Honda's Trey Canard and his trainer Greg DiRenzo ( Last year, Trey seemed unstoppable on his way to the Lites Eastern Regional Supercross Championship, and since breaking his femur at Washougal last year, it seems as though the demons are getting the best of Trey. That was until his strong podium finish last week in Seattle.

In this podcast, I ask Trey and Greg all about their training program, what they did to rehab Trey's femur, how the beak in the West coast SX series effects their training, if there are in fact demons in Trey's head, what they think about the new performance enhancing drug testing policy in supercross, and of course much, much more. So sit back, relax and enjoy this 69 minute podcast with Trey Canard and his trainer Greg DiRenzo.
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Q1 - You have ridden both the East Coast and West Coast supercross series. Since there is a break in the schedule during the West Coast Series, does that make training easier or harder compared to the East Coast?

Q2 - You were obviously struggling in the first part of the series. How did the break help you and what specifically did you work on?

Q3 - Tell me about the rehab process you went through and what Greg's role was during the recovery process? What did you do to stay in shape?

Q4 - During the rehab process, did you feel like you were being left behind and how hard psychologically was that time period?

Q5 - How did you guys meet and how long have you been working together?

Q6 - How has your training evolved since you have been working with Greg and what is the biggest thing you have learned since working with him?

Q7 - Greg's role in the training process and how often Greg and Trey are together?

Q8 - How has training changed with the advent of the internet, cell phones, and texting? How do you guys utilize technology to enhance your training process?

Q9 - Greg Hammond from Concept2 Rowing wanted to ask Greg how the industry welcomed him coming from a strength training background versus many other trainers that come from a cycling background? Do you feel it was it easier or harder?

Q10 - Trey did you have any concerns hiring a training who was known more for his strength training background than his cycling background when so many other riders seem to hire trainers who are cardio specialists?

Q11 - Greg since you don't have a strong background in cycling what is your preferred method of cardio training?

Q12 - How do you incorporate the use of the TransformX Moto Endurance system into your workouts other than just hooking them to the rowing machine?

Q13 - Greg, training a younger rider must come with it's own unique set of challenges. Do you find that with younger riders like Trey you are constantly trying to make the workouts fun or do you not worry about that?

Q14 - Greg what is the one thing about Trey that drives you crazy?

Q15 - Trey what does Greg do that drives you crazy?

Q16 - Is fitness and training a part of your lifestyle that you will continue to do long after you hang up your helmet?

Q17 - Does training make racing as a pro too much like work or does it actually make it more enjoyable?

Q18 - A lot of trainers in the industry are much older than the riders and their relationships evolve into much more than just a trainer and client. Has your relationship with Greg evolved to that level or are things kept on the professional level?

Q19 - Trey, now that you see first hand the benefits of having a trainer, do you look at some of the other top riders who maybe don't have a trainer or take training seriously and just laugh knowing what you know now?

Q20 - Do you believe you could have won the East Coast Lites SX Championship without Greg in your corner?

Q21 - On the podium you always thank God and sometimes have taken some heat over doing that. Why do you think people get so offended when an athlete thanks God during a victory celebration?

Q22 - What is your view on the new performance enhancing drug testing policy in SX this year and did you guys do anything differently to learn about the every day type things that can get you trouble like cold medicines?

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