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Virtual Trainer Rating System
10 :     Doesn't get any better than this. Think of this as the hottest girl on the block!
8 - 9 : This chick is still hot, just not professional grade.
6 - 7 : Smokin' body but her face needs a little work. Nothing a little plastic surgery won't fix.
3 - 5 :  Not bad, but not great either. Think of this as the girl next door with braces.  She has potential, but she isn't there yet.
1 - 2 : The worst of the worst. Think of this as taking your sister to the prom......and she's ugly.

CytoSport Performance Drink:  Rating = 10
You may be a little skeptical regarding any review I give about Cytomax
since they do advertise on this website.  After all, I do claim to be like the Consumer Reports of motocross and the last time I checked there still wasn't any advertising in CR.  Well, if you have been following this website for any time, you know one thing for sure; I don't pull any punches regardless of who you are.  With that said, I love Cytomax and all of their products.  But, hey, don't take my word for it let's see what some very important people in the industry are saying.

Aldon Baker (Current trainer for James Stewert, Former trainer for Ricky Carmichael, Ben Townley, Nicky Hayden and Nextel Cup star Jamie McMurry): "Yea for sure, I believe 100% in the CytoSport products.  I have used them for years and really like their results.  Specifically we use the Cytomax Sport drink which is great for electrolyte replacement and is really solid.  We have also had fantastic results with the Cyto-Recovery drinks.  "Iron" Montgomery out at Cyto really hooks us up.  They have some terrific blends."
Charles Dao (Dane Herron's Red Bull JAM's team) "Hands down CytoSport products are second to none! No matter what sport, what body type, what temperature... CytoSport is scientifically proven to have the answer for you! Personally, I utilize the Muscle Energy, Pre-Formance, Cytomax, and Recovery with all my athletes, both amateur and professional. And for the days that I'm struggling with flights, no sleep, and a heavy workload of training, Xcyto Energy Drink is my secret to making big things happen!"
Seiji Ishii (
and Team Green Xtreme): "Although proper diet is the primary source of nutrients for the high performance athlete, carefully researched and formulated supplements such as those offered by CytoSport can be an insurance policy to preserve and increase performance. An athlete should always be searching for an edge and supplements such as Cytomax can be part of a successful athlete’s arsenal.”
Randy Lawrence (Trainer for Nick Wey and Ryan Villopoto) "I was introduced to CytoSport supplements back in 1995 while I was still a mechanic at the Millville National.  "Iron" Montgomery was there promoting the product and I started using it based on his recommendation.  Once I started competing on a National level in Mountain Bike racing I really noticed the benefits and have used it ever since.  Now that I am a trainer, I strongly recommend it to my riders.  With a season the length of ours, you have to push all the time and recovery is very important.  I love the Cyto Recovery product.  I have Nick and Ryan using the Muscle Milk, EvoPro, Sport drink and Recovery and even though Ryan has a tough time with the taste, he continues to use the stuff because of the noticeable performance benefits!" 

Pros: Great tasting, easy to make and readily available at stores all across the country.  The performance benefits are amazing and the nutritional benefits will supplement even the best diet. 

Cons: At first, my stomach had a little trouble adjusting to the change in diet.  It wasn't severe and there wasn't any pain associated, but it did loosen me up a bit, if you know what I mean.  But, like all things new, my body adapted and all is well on the Southern Front!
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