Warm-up and Stretch Routine (Non-training days)
Phase 1: General Warm-up (5 minutes)
Light aerobic activity. Any thing can be performed here as long as you are gradually increasing your heart rate and body temperature. Jog, jump rope,get on a piece or stationary equipment at the gym, do pushups,sit-ups, or lift light weights. Any or all of these activities may be performed for 5 minutes to increase your body temperature until you break a light sweat.

Remember:  Hold stretches for 15 to 20 seconds.  Do NOT bounce.  Stretch to the point of discomfort, NOT pain.

Phase 2: Stretching (25 - 30 minutes)
Static Stretch (Pause 5 seconds in between stretches and repeat) 
1. Neck stretch.  Forward,back and side
• To stretch the neck, lower your chin to your chest and gently pull on the back of your head to stretch the back of your neck. 
• Lift your chin to the sky to stretch the front of your neck.
• To stretch the sides of your neck, lower your chin to your chest and gently pull your head to each side

2. Open shoulder blades
• Place your hands in front of you, chest height; interlock fingers with palms facing you.
•  Lower chin to chest and open shoulder blades.
•  Feel this stretch across your entire back.

3. Chest (Arm on wall)
• Place your right hand on the wall shoulder height.
• Keep your right arm straight.
• Gently twist your body away from the wall stretching the chest muscle.
• Switch and stretch other side.

4. Tricep (Hand behind head )
• Point your right elbow to the sky above your head.
• Place your left hand on your right elbow and gently push.
• Try and reach your right hand down your back.

5. Arm Across Body
• With your left hand, gently pull your right arm across your body.
• Keep you right shoulder down.
• Right arm remains straight.

6. Hands on Wall Lat Stretch
• Place both hands on wall, shoulder height.
• Walk back while lowering head between arms.
• Do not move your hands.
• This stretches your sides (lats.)
7. Forearm/Wrist Stretch
• Place your right hand down to your side.
• With your left hand, pull back on your right hand fingers,keeping your right palm pointed towards the ground.
• To stretch the wrist, place your left hand on top of your right hand and gently bend your right hand towards your forearm.
8. Humped Back , Arched Back
• While standing, bend at the waist and hump your back as far as possible.
• Round your back and shoulders.
• Arched back is the same as above, just opposite.
• Arch your back as far as possible.
• Open chest and squeeze shoulder blades together.
9. Standing Quads
• While standing,place your right foot in your right hand.
• While keeping your legs together and right knee pointed at the ground, gently try and move your right leg forward while resisting with your right hand.
10. Standing Hamstrings
• Use your bike for this one.  While standing, place your right foot on the seat of your bike (or a chair or table).
• Rotate your torso forward by pivoting at the hips and reaching for your toes.
• Keep your right knee soft (do NOT lock it out).
• Do not hump your back to try and extend the stretch. Again, pivot at your hips keeping your head up and back straight.
• Imagine trying to lower your chest to your thigh.
11. Calf Stretch
• Place both hands on wall for support.
• Place one or both feet about 5 feet from wall and force your heel to the ground.
• You should be able to draw a straight line from your heel to you head.
• To help increase this stretch, flex your quad and then relax.
12. Inner Thigh and Hip Stretch
• Place feet much wider than shoulders width.
• Place both hands on the right knee and slowly move to the right.
• Keep your left knee straight, and NEVER let your right knee go past 90 degrees.
13. Standing Aerobic Style Hamstrings
• This one is hard to explain so look at the picture.
• Keep your back straight and pivot at your hips.
• Imagine moving your chest towards your thigh.
• Place both hands on the leg you are NOT stretching.
• Keep you knee soft (do NOT lock out).
14. Runners Stretch   (Right leg forward then Left leg forward)
• While facing to the side, move one leg as far back as possible.
• Lower your hips toward the ground.
• Rear leg remains straight, front leg goes to 90 degrees.
• NEVER go past 90 degrees on front leg.
15. One knee hamstring stretch (Left foot forward)
• From the advanced runner's position, drop your rear knee to the ground.
• Front foot should have heel on ground with toes pointed up (the farther the better).
• Pivot at the hips keeping your back as straight as possible.
• Again try and lower your chest to your thigh.
16. Side Splits  
• From the "One Knee Hamstring" stretch position, move the leg that you were sitting on as far back as possible.
• Use your hands for support, and assume the side split position.
• This is an extremely advanced position and should be used with caution.
• Remember, you should only feel slight discomfort, NOT pain!
17. One knee hamstring stretch (Right foot forward)
• See above
18. Side Splits
• See above
19. Ankle to Knee Hip Flexor  (Right then Left)
• While lying on your back, place your right ankle on your left knee.
• Place both hands on the back of your left leg and gently pull, rolling your hips off the ground.
• Head can either be lifted or resting on the floor.
20. Leg Overs
• Lay flat on back with arms out to each side.
• Take one leg and cross it over your body stretching the lower and middle back.
• Keep shoulder blades pressed to floor.
• If you feel ANY discomfort in your lower back, STOP.
21. Back Roles
• While lying on your back, tuck your knees to your chest, wrap your arms around your knees and rock yourself back-and-forth messaging your back.
• You can also rock side-to-side.
• When complete, rock yourself to a sitting position.
22. Sitting Legs forward,Hamstring/Hip Flexor Stretch
• Place both legs straight out in front of you.
• With your knees slightly bent and back straight, pivot at your hips and move your chest towards your thighs.
• Do NOT round your back to increase the stretch.
• Look straight ahead and reach for your toes.
Total time to complete; 25 to 30 minutes. Set your timer to help keep a consistent pace and don't cheat.