Steps for Setting Up Your Online Ranking Profile  
  > Go to      
  > Click on Ranking & Log (top right corner of the home page)
  > Click Register under new user    
  > Fill Out Profile Information (use MOTO in the Country field at the bottom of the list)
  > Click Submit and you are in Baby!!  
   Now Get off your butt and log in your best 500 meter time.

Once you have registered, you are ready to logon and record your times.  After you have logged on, simply fill out your time and distance in the "Add New Workout" area and hit the add button. 

Once you have added a time, you can now rank your time (by clicking the "rank" button) to see how you compare to others in the Motocross Nation.  You can add as many times as you like to your log book and rank your best.

To see where you rank, click on the Rankings Button at the top right side of the page.  This will open a seperate search window.  Set "Distance" to 500 meters and "The Country Code" to Motocross Nation.  Motocross Nation is at the very bottom of the scroll window.

Problems or questions, call Tim at 804-240-5045 and I will step you through it!

For the Motocross specific page, click here.