Brown rice syrup light rich flavor
Barley malt syrup Taste similar to molasses
Stevia A South American herb that is 100-400 times sweeter than white sugar.  It can’t be metabolized by humans so it’s calorie free and doesn’t cause cavities.  Has a strong distinctive flavor
Fructose Twice as sweet as white sugar when in crystalline form.  Can easily be substituted for white sugar
Date sugar A concentrated sweetener from dates.  Retains most of the vitamins and minerals found in dates.  Can be substituted for brown sugar when baking.
Honey Comes in hundreds of varieties, depending on the flower that produces them.  Unpasteurized honey has more nutrients than pasteurized but is not suitable for children under age two.
Maple syrup Made from the sap of maple trees.  Twice as sweet as white sugar.
Molasses A by-product of the sugar refining process.  It contains the nutrients extracted from sugar cane and sugar beets.  Blackstrap molasses is darker and thicker, slightly bitter and contains some minerals
Unrefined cane sugar Whole sugar cane in crystal form with the vitamins and minerals intact.  Has a stronger, more distinctive taste than white sugar and is slightly less sweet.
Brown sugar White sugar combined with molasses for a rich taste and soft texture.  Contains some minerals because it contains molasses