Surviving the Holiday Food Fare!
By Kim Wathen M.S. Exercise Physiologist/Dietitian
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Eat one piece, then step away from the pie...
You have been warned!
Hopefully by following Tim’s advice on Thanksgiving and eating whatever and whenever you wanted, you got that “gotta have it all” bug out of your system for awhile. I wouldn’t be surprised if those who did have to be “rolled” away from the dinner table didn’t think it was all that much fun afterward.

So how do you manage the rest of the holiday season’s parties, baked goods and eggnog drinks without ending up having to be rolled around the rest of the year? One word……… MODERATION . By moderation I mean that you don’t necessarily have to completely avoid all foods that are not healthy but use them wisely. There are a million articles out there telling you how to cut calories and fat or how to make healthy choices. Rather than giving you another list of healthy foods I want to pass on a few techniques that can help you achieve your goal of moderation.

One of the three most important things to remember is that fattening, low nutritional value foods are around us 24/7. The ones available during the holidays are just a different shape and size. Other than that, they are just about the same things you need to be using in moderation year round. The value of keeping this in mind is that knowing something is always going to be there takes at least some of the urgency to eat it away.

The second most important thing to remember is to pay attention to exactly what it is you want or are craving. Simply put, don’t eat an entire bag of pretzels trying to avoid the potato chips you really want. Eat a couple of chips and move on. If necessary, buy single serving size bags or take a small serving out of the bag and put the bag away. Often when the craving is for chips, salt is really what you are wanting. Try finding the saltiest chips in the bag to cure your craving more quickly.

Finally, the absolute most important thing to remember….stop before you are full!! When you overeat you not only feel miserable for long periods afterward, your body has NO choice but to store the extra food/calories as fat.

Follow these simple guidelines and perhaps 2009 will be the first year you won’t have to make “lose weight” your New Year's resolution!
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