Tough Times....What Will You Do?
By Tim Crytser


The economy has been bad for so long it seems like forever-ago when things were good. Ah, the good ole' dot come days when you could pick a stock and watch it double, triple, or even quadruple in days. Remember when house values on your street just seem to keep going up and up and you could sell your house within days? Remember going to the track and being able to fill up your truck for 50 bucks, buy food for the entire weekend, race multiple classes and still have a jingle in your pocket? Racing a few years ago was certainly less expensive but those days are gone, for now. If your only worries are how expensive it is to race these days then you are one of the lucky few. Many Americans are in deep....real deep and are asking themselves "What do I do now?"

What do I do now......that I am behind on my mortgage?.........that my house value keeps falling and falling?.........that my stock portfolio is lower than Josh Hill's pants at an outdoor national ......that I can't afford that new bike I'll need to be competitive next year?.....that retirement is tomorrow and my 401k is gone?......that it costs me triple what it used to to race?

The Waiting Game
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Looks like this guy could use a workout!
The easiest and maybe smartest thing to do is nothing. Don't buy a smaller car just to get rid of your gas guzzling SUV if the SUV is paid off. Don't sell your house in such a down market if you don't have to. And hold on to those stocks; unless the entire economy falls apart and we are taken over by another country, history dictates that the market will bounce back and grow once again. In many cases the best thing to do is not panic, take a step back and do nothing for a while.

But times like these also call for action. The people who emerge from this unscathed are the ones who aren't afraid to stay in the game and fight. They are studying the market and making plans for the future: plans that can be put into action. They are paying off excess credit card debt and negotiating with the bank for a lower interest rate on their house. Smart people are buying stocks now that most are bargain priced and realizing that if retirement is 10 to 15 years away, now is great time to invest even more in their 401k. And racers are figuring out ways to continue training, riding, and enjoying what they love to do.

Success is no Accident 
Successful people focus on things that they can control and leave everything else alone. If you are a student, try focusing on your study habits rather than that unfair professor. At your job, focus on the quality of your work rather than the gossip at the water cooler. When you race, focus on what you can control like bike setup and training not the fact that someone punted you into the Tuff Blocks on the first lap. Focus on pursuing excellence rather than chasing dreams.

Times are tough and most of us have never really had it this bad. Not like our grandparents (or parents) did during The Great Depression. But even though things are good relative to those dark days, we can all do our part to improve the current situation by controlling what we can; ourselves, our families, and our relationships. Yes, your job could disappear tomorrow. But today you can focus on doing your best work and looking for opportunity in what seems like a sea of despair. What you do today dictates where you will go tomorrow.
Kids...Do Your Part!
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You think we have it tough now? This is a bread line during the Great Depression in New York City
Times aren't tough just for parents either. If mom and dad are still paying the bills, what happens to them directly affects what happens to you. If things are tight around your house, everyone can make a difference. Help out by becoming a better kid; do the dishes, clean your room, wash the bikes, and wax the trailer without being asked. This will eliminate some stress from your parents day and allow them to focus on how to survive. Be a little choosier with the tear-offs, race that tire one more moto, and pack food instead of buying it at the track. Realize that unless you are a top amateur or pro, a stock bike is pretty damn fast; probably faster than you can ride it. You may not be able to control the value of a dollar (or where it comes from) but you can control how you  and your parents spend it.
You can do your part with sponsors as well. Show them a little extra love by visiting the shop and telling them in person how much you appreciate their support. Show them what you are doing to cut cost and improve your results. Times are especially tight for companies in the motocross industryand the first thing to go is usually the advertising budget. Show them you are worthy of their dollars!

Most of all in times of extreme stress and uncertain times you must focus on the two things that you have the most control over; your mind and body. Don't eat fast food because it's cheap. Find a way to shop smart and don't fall into poor eating habits. Drop the gym membership if you have to but don't stop training. There are plenty of free ways to train and you have pointed your browser to one of the best. Don't become a CNN or Fox and Friends junky by sitting on the couch and watching TV 24-7. The economy sucks no matter how many times they say it on the news.

What will I do? I will continue to do what I have always done. I will try my best at everything I do. My dad always said that if you have to sweep the floor then be the best damn floor sweeper there is. I will position myself so that when the music stops and everyone is scrambling for a chair, there will be a nice high-backed leather one right in front of me.

What are you going to do?.......
That's it for now. Until next time, good luck with your training and remember, VT can always be found on the Virtual Trainer Expert Forum. In addition, be sure and check out the Racer X Virtual Trainer archive section . Your complete one-stop information zone for motocross fitness.  
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Reader Comments
Your right, All the doom and gloom out there only the strong of mind will survive.
It is time for action individually, locally, globally but it starts with a positive warrior mentality to not give up, maybe retreat organize for another battle.
I really liked your article, It's about time someone gave some positive vibes to folks.
My business is slow, Were polishing the shop floor, organizing, learning more, keeping employees working on doing, doing doing what needs to be done in business when it is slow and that is preparing for sucess, so customers may not be coming in but the skid steers and fork lift are in perfect order and very clean, bathrooms are spotless. So when customers start back we look pro.
It is a battle mentality to overcome great odds like Tecumseh, Lee, Lance Armstrong.
My mentality is the same with my riding & training, It just finally snowed, My area's are shut down, time to train and tune, cause snow will melt and race season will start again.
Thanks for your site I just discovered it yesterday looking for training info. I'm a 47 yr new rider, got a bike last march and started racing enduro's hare scramble's etc. finished 4th overall in scramble series 40C getting ready to have my first year on the bike thing, very excited.
Folks right now need a positive outlet, and Warrior Training menatlly and physically.

Right on, Happy Trails, Sandy