Trainer talk with....Dr. Jeff Spencer, Part 3 (10/28/05)
By Tim Crytser
In part three, Jeff talks about performance enhancing drug use in MX.  (Check out parts 1 and 2 here.)

Let’s shift gears a little and talk about performance enhancing drugs in MX.  Everyone seems to be familiar with doping in sport; do you think there are MX guys that are using performance enhancing drugs?
Rumor has it there is but I have no proof of it.

Do you think there should be mandatory drug testing in professional MX?
For sure. There should be aggressive, mandatory and random performance enhancing drug testing with very stiff, immediate consequences, like a two year ban on the first offense and for life on the second as seen in cycling. 

So, you definitely think there are performance enhancing drugs being used in MX.
As I said, I don’t know and I hope not. The bottom line is drugs are not good for anybody.  They are not good for the athlete, the athlete’s family or the sport.  There are no winners with drugs and that‘s why I am for very strict random drug testing with strict, harsh and immediate penalty.  

Do you think this will ever happen in MX?
I hope so. The testing needs to be for performance enhancing drugs which isn’t done now.  They only test for recreational drugs. Hey, hold on a second, Chad is on the other line and I need to talk to him a second.  (Pause)  So there you have a good example of how Chad and I communicate each day.  A two minute conversation regarding what we are doing today.  So anyway, where were we?  Let me be very clear about drug use. I love the sport and it makes me very, very sad to think that drug use has made its way into the sport. It distresses me to no end. I love the sport and feel the best way to maintain healthy competition is to confront the drug issue as aggressively and quickly as possible and administer swift and severe penalty for offenders. The longer it takes to put an aggressive testing/significant penalty program together the greater the chance of corrupting the sport. 

I couldn’t agree more, but to me, I am surprised there isn’t more of a push from the top athletes to call for random drug testing.  I would think if you are at the top and you didn’t use drugs to get there, you would want everyone else tested to be sure that they aren’t elevating their game by using drugs.  I would want to be drug tested every day to show that I had nothing to hide.
I think if you asked any top rider they would say the same thing but testing needs to first be for performance enhancing not recreational drugs.   

To me, I think a very dangerous consequence of not having performance enhancing drug testing in MX is that a lot of amateurs will undoubtedly conclude that the pros must be doing something extra, besides training, to be able to ride for the length of time that they do and incorrectly assume that drugs must play a role. 
If someone thinks drugs are the key to factory fitness they’re fooling themselves. Genetics, hard work, a great plan, good nutrition and healthy mindset are the foundation for success. There is also the issue of respect. If you respect yourself, others and the sport why would you want to corrupt it by taking drugs? I don’t know how any athlete who takes drugs and wins could stand on the podium with the slightest amount of self-respect and not feel like the world’s biggest imposter. Self-worth and personal empowerment come from taking the high road, drawing a line in the sand and never stepping across it. Drug use dramatically accelerates the aging process, body deterioration and increases the risk of mental and physical illness. Again, there are no winners with drug use; only a trail of hypocrisy, dishonesty and destruction left in its wake.  

I certainly understand that.  I could talk about drug use and what the AMA should do about it for hours.  But before I let you go, lets just round this out with one last question.  What is your number one piece of advice for the Weekend Warrior when it comes to training?
Doing a little training every day is more important than doing a lot every other day. Keep it balanced and fun. Remain a student of the sport and always seek excellence.

Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate your time.
Thank you, Tim. I love supercross and motocross. Thanks for the chance to share my views on training with you.

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